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Build Update #MAR11 (PC and Mac) #98. New sound effect system!

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0- New sound effect system
? Not impact triggered anymore. More agile ways to assign SFX for different weapons
? Variations for certain weapon's SFX
? Impact SFX for different materials. Hitting on metal and hitting on flesh will sound different
? SFX assets Overhaul. Creating more sophisticated weapon effects in game. Still work in progress, will add more in future updates
1- Music pieces assigned for different combat environments

0- Fail to load perk info from savefiles
1- Crashing issue caused by hero's movement
2- Rare crashing issue when picking item
3- Drop info UI display timing issue
4- SFX laging issue
5- Tacmap is repaired. It's having obstacle and foe display now. Use Shift/LB to active it

6- Hologram Grid is no longer covering corpses on the ground

7- Soldiers deployment issue

1- Attack animation overhaul. SPC unit is much more lethal!

2- Patroc is smiling

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