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I find it is now time to share what the plans for World 2 are and what Build and Beat is truly all about. Yes Build and Beat will incorporate guns. As inconsistent as this may seem when you consider the content of World 1, there is a reason for this. Read on.

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Build and Beat is not just a creation tool for creating your own levels, it is also a homage to many 2d platforming genres. World 1 was designed as a gimic based 2d platformer. Meaning you need a special ability to make it from A to B and the gameplay revolves around platforming and platforming alone.

World 2 is a homage to the 2d shooting platformers. World 2 will revolve around unlocking new powerups that improve your gun(think Contra), and shooting your way through enemies that shoot back. Also, World 2 will have a unique boss at the end of every level. Build and Beat is literally going to be many games in one with the only real consistenty being the creation aspect. It should be quite an undertaking. As World 2 comes together I will post more news with more pictures and videos in the future.

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