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Post news RSS Build and Beat Alpha 1.10 Now Released

Plenty of new content for Build and Beat is in this build. Some of the additions and changes are

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- 3 brand new levels, 5 now playable
- 3 new power-ups, heart, super rocket fuel, and slow mo timer
- 30 new obstacles, 60 now available for World 1
- Obstacles, hazards and power-ups are now displayed in menus
- added a powerup display
- 2 types of power-ups now, active(press run to use) and passive(always on)
- all obstacles now contain a power-up slot
- game shop system removed for new reward system
- unlocking stars now unlocks new content

Build and Beat

Build and Beat

For this build, not everything is unlocked. This is so players can try out and hopefully let me know if they like the new reward system. The 30 new obstacles use tree tiles which you start seeing in level 3. Gold stars unlock some of the best content so try to get those gold stars!

I plan on releasing more content next weekend. I will reveal what those plans are soon. I hope you enjoy. If you have suggestions or ideas please let me know.

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