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Lots of game polish, version 1 of the leaderboards, new jumping mechanics, Kickstarter weapons, tutorial screens, new map, and more!

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This build brings some significant changes to the jumping mechanics. Our Guncraft pros showed us how annoyingly imbalanced our free-form aerial controls were, so we fixed them! Jump mechanics are now momentum based, similar to that of Halo. As a by-product, hookshotting has become a heck of a lot more fun and Spiderman-like, as you maintain your momentum when you let go of the hook. We've also included a bunch of tutorial images for the game modes. This should help newcomers jump in without being super confused the first few rounds. There's a bunch of other polish changes and additions as well. You can check them out below.

Register for free Open Beta: Api.exatogames.com (or if you already have the game, just run it and it'll auto-update)

Here's the full patch notes:

0.39/0.40 Beta 15 Kills bugs dead
Tons of crash fixes
Added sound effects for bike and tank movement, vehicle weapons
Momentum preserved while in air
New privacy setting for clans, players can apply to clans, clan leaders accept or reject applications
Added models for some weapon projectiles (Blockbuster, AC-1337)
Added Kickstarter reward weapons
* If you backed the Kickstarter then you should now have access to any weapons that came with your pledge
Randomizing teams should work correctly now
Prep phase for CTF and Siege Mode
* The host can select a time between 0-5 minutes
* At the beginning of the game you will have that much time to prepare any defenses for your base
For Multiplayer Free Build the host can now choose an empty map
Fixed bug in some maps where parts of the world weren't being drawn
Host can now force start the game
* Any players not ready 10 seconds after the host forces start are kicked
New loading screens
* Click stats in the online lobby to access them
* These are still rough and don't have a UI yet; see Exatogames.com for what all the numbers mean
* Due to a bug Score, Captures, Max Wave, Freezes, and Siege Blocks aren't currently being collected for the leaderboards, those will be zero until the next beta
New map: Blocktotron by Erk

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