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Build 0.0.44 for ME-OS is out! This is the shop update, where we finally add purchasable avatars, backgrounds, bundles, cosmetics, cursors, games, and utilities for in game currency! This also adds the currency in levels so you can actually obtain it.

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Build 0.0.44 is live!
This is probably one of the biggest updates in a while, we're going to call it the shopping update!
(for obvious reasons)

More information can be found on Discord: Discord.gg


- Tons of new backgrounds designed by Emily, or photographic ones by Michael
- Includes Quebec 2K20 Pack, Retro Pack, Simple Pack, Boys Club Pack, Kewtian Pack
- Some new profile pictures!
- Includes Kewtian Pack
- New cursors available for purchase from the shop!
- Includes Jungle Animals 1

- Added Discord compatibility! Now your friends can see what you're playing, listening to, watching, and more!
- There is now system volume, so you can make the whole game quieter on your end! (In personalize)
- The command musicvolume will adjust per scene volume based on your system volume

Gon Ball Rally:
- Added Green Earth ball, and two other balls that currently are only accessible through terminal
- Adjusted movement again
- Hopefully fixed jump glitch (?)
- Added collectible currency for all full levels at the moment
- Adjusted HUD
- Skeleton for next level is accessible!
- Lots of new textures and materials to use for further level important, mostly seen in last level at the moment

Royal Squared Color:
- Added two new skins, Mmm and Speedy
- Added a portal to level 2
- Added collectible currency
- Adjusted HUD

- It's been so long, but the shop is FINALLY accessible!
- You can buy avatars, backgrounds, bundles, cosmetics, cursors, games and utilities!
- Bought items will not appear if already bought
- Option to preview items before purchasing
- Stack a ton of items in your cart!

- URL/File videos are now in full support!
- Before there was an issue with seeking in an external video, that is fixed!
- Time displays properly when loading an external video too

Let us know if there are any questions or ideas! Enjoy c:

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