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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 3.3 with bug fixes, stability improvements and tweaks.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have just released Alpha 3.3, which is focused on bugfixing, stability and small improvements. For example, we significantly reduced lagging / rubber-banding of vessels on a dedicated server, fixed the problem that the infinite drone wave setting did not work, ensured that the player does not die in a cockpit through explosion damage as long as the cockpit is intact and fixed several other bugs. In addition, we added the effective range of a weapon to the HUD - so you know exactly how far a weapon shots on a particular planet and integrated several other changes & improvements. See below for the full list of the changes and improvements.

Don’t forget and make use of the upcoming features survey to give us an idea which of the features we plan to add in the coming months would be most desirable for YOU: Survey.empyriongame.com

The full list of possible features can be found attached to this news: Empyriononline.com

Now please enjoy Alpha 3.3 and send us your feedback!

We added the "effective range" of a weapon to the HUD (see bottom right corner):

The new starter HV Tier 2 (thanks to ShadowRavenRaz):

The refurbished crashed ship (thanks to Vexray):

The new starter Base Tier 4 (thanks to Vexray):

CHANGELOG: Alpha 3.3. (Build 577)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added spawn-to-surface mechanism in case a player or player-in-vessel has fallen through the ground
- Added info about the effective range of a weapon to the HUD
- Added new server setting: AntiGriefDistance now separates Player BA from Ore Deposits (see dedicated.yaml)
- Motorbike can now turn faster (decreased turn radius)

- Added new starter BA Tier 4 (Thanks to Vexray)
- Added new starter HV Tier 2 (Thanks to ShadowRavenRaz)
- Added refurbished model for crashed ship (thanks to Vexray)
- Added alien dead tree to Masperon
- Added orange bush to Oscutune

Other Tweaks:
- Reduced volume and distance of flie sound (worm plant)
- Increased opening speed of Automatic Doors (player does not stop anymore when approaching a door while walking)
- Tweaked escape pod landing sequence slightly: longer black fade time, added sound on exit, slightly changed particle effect
- Structure performance improvements
- Slightly updated starter CV Tier 2
- Changed: Old HV Tier 2 is now Tier 3
- Tweaked hand position on Open Cockpit SV / HV
- Open Cockpit SV / HV is now Level 7 instead of 10
- A ‘No build’ icon is now also shown when near a resource deposit
- Improved hit animation on Zirax
- Replaced durian plant with better model
- Changed growing stage 1 of Pumpkin plant
- Updated some tree models on Omicron
- Added missing triggers (more plants) for PDA Chapter 2 - Gardening

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Movement lagging when flying / snatchy when turning (MP only)
- Fixed: Occassional overheating GPU in idle state
- Fixed: Infinite Drone Waves (settings 5,6,7) does not enable infinite waves
- Fixed: Flying through green barrier when descending with capsule leads to capsule loss and broken movement
- Fixed: Explosion damage kills player in SV cockpit
- Fixed: Severe FPS drops when passing by a large firing ship or base
- Fixed: Motorbike can be destroyed by other players in PVE
- Fixed: Some terrain placeable can be picked up by any player in PVE
- Fixed: Endless pickup exploit for plants
- Fixed: Tools/weapons sometimes severely shaking when idle
- Fixed: Vertically placed grass shows up sometimes
- Fixed: Change & Rotate Tool handling: Rotate Box not covering the to be rotated object
- Fixed: Water Jug used in Food Processor blocks production / jams device
- Fixed: Memory leak due to decorations
- Fixed: Dying in open or closed seat (SV+CV) leads to player being locked in place after respawn
- Fixed: Muzzle fire of handheld minigun blocking view
- Fixed: Docked SV/HV vanishes when passenger dies too close to orbit and re-enters the vessel (MP only)
- Fixed: Sometimes grass not removed after teleport
- Fixed: Problem with UseFixed Seed in playfield.yaml
- Fixed: Seed problem with decoration - sometimes decoration is different on clients
- Fixed: Player bike placing problems
- Fixed: Corner Long B Placement issue
- Fixed: Can't upgrade HS blocks to CA blocks on CV Starter Tier 3
- Fixed: Sitting position in Cockpit 3
- Fixed: Missing collider on Umbrella Tree (Akua) in multiplayer
- Fixed: Placing a Motorbike while walking and pressing ‘F’ often leads to error
- Fixed: Player view clipping into roof when seated on Planet (Tier 2 Starter CV)
- Fixed: Hit animation loop and shader of Spinosaurs (Note: Spinosaurs not used in official playfields)
- Fixed: Telnet: Setposition does not work via Telnet
- Fixed: T2 drill charges available before unlock
- Fixed: Preview image of Mission "Dangerous space" is now shown also in action
- Fixed: Occasional error on escape pod exit when you join a server with incompatible PDA data



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