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Now that development for Zone: The Battleground is moving along, we are going to be sharing a behind the scenes look at the development that goes on at Xitol Softworks. These will come through news posts and in the future, ViDocs. All of our future BTS news will be exclusive to Xitol.net for 2 weeks, so be sure to keep your eyes glued to our website.

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We start out our first BTS with Frostfall, one of our large maps that we are not ready to dive into completely just yet. However, we are going to be kind and show you some of the map very early on in development, without going into details of the setting of the map or how you'll be able to play it. Please note that Frostfall and Zone: The Battleground it is still in pre-alpha form. We are very early along in development and are sharing incomplete maps, features, etc.

Snowscape of Frostfall.

The region is divided into a small snow area and a larger forest area as Frostfall lies upon the border of these two regions of Arcaison. The whole area of Frostfall reflects the scale of the the regions with the snow region being smaller than the much larger forest and jungle regions of the planet. Although the map is still early on in development it still shows how the overall shape of the map will pan out.

The gulch with river at the bottom borders Frostfall from the rest of the region.

As with all the maps in the Zone universe, Frostfall has a setting in key location in the universe. Frostfall is set in a crash site for a UEGA Eagle Helicopter. The commando squad on-board survived and laid food in one of the active UEGA outposts whilst holding off KRA forces from the jungle. The UEGA team outnumbered, failed and were announced KRA once UEGA supporting Vulcans arrived.

How the crash site looks before assets are added onto the map.

Progress so far.

The progress on Frostfall is that it is in environmental asset development where we are adding in rocks, rovers, waterfalls and plant life to the map to make it look nicer and to give a better image of the setting. We are also working on creating obstacles for gameplay in the map, and filling up what is a very large map. The approach is that the map will be soon ready for buildings and other assets for game modes that will have the map finished and playable.

A look up from the hill approach to the snow region.

As this is being written the map is still undergoing changes with more trees being added to make the map more of a dense forest area to the southern forest region. We are planning to show off more of Frostfall and also another map tied in with Frostfall, Crater, later on. However, our next Behind the Scenes will be covering a beautiful landscape in a level entitled, Islands.

Side view of the main hill approach from the gulch.

For now enjoy and let us know what you think of this early preview of Zone: The Battleground. We hope to keep you updated with more Behind the Scenes posts and ViDocs in the near future. Please, remember that all media shown and talked about is currently in pre-alpha. Nothing here represents the final quality of the game.

- J45PER


Will this game have campaign?

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J45PER Author

I can't say anything specific yet but we do have a storyline in place. August 8th is when we are making all the big news about this game :)

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