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Brutal Nature 0.60 released with 1st person models and new GUI graphics!

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Brutal Nature 0.60 released with 1st person models and new GUI graphics!

Download Brutal Nature today for free and give it a try!

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Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added 1st person animations for one handed melee weapons and pistols.
  • Added sword, pickaxe, knife and pistol weapon models.
  • Added new flags to smsher import.
  • Added muzzle flash
  • Added new health bar graphics.
  • Added ability to add custom data to models via smsher scripts.
  • Added engine feature to mix multiple animations on the same character.
  • Added user edited map by Globalny-Chaos as default map.
  • Improved smsher and model rendering code.
  • Changed GUI textures to a black and gold flat theme.
  • Changes to model format: Models now inverted on the X instead of Z.
  • Changed compiler from MSVC2010 to MSVC2015
  • Reduced server map generation time by 95% (2000% faster)
  • Reduced spider walk/run animation speed considerably.
  • Fixed spider model animations.
  • Fixed cached chunks causing world corruption by increasing the hash to 64bits.
  • Fixed scale and offset to no longer apply twice to non animated models on import.
  • Fixed tunnel generation failures caused by not taking into account region distortion noise when picking starting chunk to generate tunnel.


nice, keep up the good work!

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