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Brutal Nature releases version 0.37! New voiced tutorial and quest menu!

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Brutal Nature releases version 0.37 with new voiced tutorial and quest menu!
Brutal Nature is also now on Steam Greenlight! check it out!

Download it today for free and give it a try!

Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added voiced tutorial.
  • Added quest menu
  • Added another in game tutorial quest: Basic Crafting
  • Added description to quests.
  • Added weight/encumbrance to ammo.
  • Added ammo count post fix to ammo categories.
  • Added accepted quest callbacks
  • Added some more quest callbacks to further flesh out the tutorial.
  • Added recording of in game chat to server log.
  • Added script callbacks for when a sound was done playing client side.
  • Added better error logging to the sound system.
  • Added check where if client simulates an object moving, it will request a position update for the object from the server if it does not get one soon afterwards. This prevents objects ending up in the wrong location on the client.
  • Expanded descriptions of various materials to include what they are used for and where to make them.
  • Increased small bonfire fuel capacity to 250 so it can convert a full load of coal using coal for fuel.
  • Changed encumbrance display text to better fit at 720p.
  • Changed edit boxes to fit text in 720p resolution a little better.
  • Changed text position on tree control.
  • Removed "Party" heading text from Party menu as it was left over from when the party menu was separate.
  • Removed 12pt font as it was rendering poorly.
  • Reduced initial shotgun shell count from 300 to 200 and hook count from 400 to 200.
  • Reduced heat needed for refining copper oxide to copper by 25% to 75.
  • Reduced amount of copper oxide needed to make copper to 1.5 from 2.0.
  • Moved objects up slightly when being dropped by player so they won't fall into the world.
  • Moved most text in 720p mode moved over and down one pixel to better correspond with 1080p position.
  • Fixed text spacing bug in 720p resolution in crafting menu.
  • Fixed bug where client crashes when attempting to change the ammo of a melee weapon
  • Fixed empty ammo cases and case dies to have a category in the inventory menu.
  • Fixed bug where some weapons had the wrong reload sound.
  • Fixed crash when dropping ammo.
  • Fixed crash when pressing hotkeys while the game was loading.
  • Fixed bug in line wrap function to preserve color.
  • Fixed bug where leaving tab with drop sub menu open causes keyboard to be non responsive.
  • Fixed \ key not working in chat.
  • Fixed bug in authorization server.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to how quests where being stored.
  • Fixed crash when client received some callbacks during initialization.
  • Fixed bug where some quest callbacks where not being sent when user logs back in.
  • Fixed when opening inventory and crafting tab is loaded crafting tab open callback was not called.
  • Fixed bug where clicking drop button twice without closing drop menu causes things to not respond to mouse clicks.

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Ty for fast updates :)

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