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Brutal Nature has released version 0.35! With more GUI improvements and mining tools!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.35 with more GUI improvements and mining tools!

Download it today and give it a try!

0.35 screenshots0.35 screenshots

0.35 screenshots0.35 screenshots0.35 screenshots0.35 screenshots

Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Equipment menu has been rewritten to use tree control.
  • Added 4 mining tools. Copper, Iron, Steel and HSS pickaxe.
  • Added 12 weapons: SUB-2000-9, PP-2000, Glock 17, Glock 18. M249 SAW, HK 23E, AKM, RPK, HK21E, Mini-14, MP5/10, H&K G3
  • Added new tab graphics and mouse over effects.
  • Added new boarder control.
  • Added boarders to the various inventory menus.
  • Added boarders to the login menu.
  • Added weapon name to the main HUD.
  • Added 'Player Mining Rate' to server cfg.
  • Crafting tab now starts open on inventory crafting menu.
  • Tweaked round timer to say 15 minutes for people who have stayed a full round.
  • Lowered semi auto weapons fire rate from 300RPM to 180RPM.
  • Lowered base mining rate due to new mining tools.
  • Lowered tree chop volume
  • Reduced fuel capacity of bonfire and beehive oven.
  • Removed 'snap to grid' from sphere editing mode, Now its usable to make nice round tunnels.
  • Removed 'Weapon changed to' message.
  • Mouse scrolling is now based on what window the mouse is currently over instead of what one has keyboard focus.
  • Fixed a bug relating to being able to shoot after you had died.
  • Fixed bug where fmod was spamming error log with invalid handle errors due to music code.
  • Fixed 'Round Over' spam bug.
  • Fixed item replication bug
  • Fixed sphere not appearing in edit mode.
  • Fixed a few other weapons fire rates.
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