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Brutal Nature releases version 0.30 with more new terrain editing features and exploding corpses!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.30! Download it today and give it a try!

0.30 screenshots0.30 screenshots

0.30 screenshotsMore editing screenshots!Showing off the new editing mode Showing off the new editing modeShowing off the new editing modeMore editing screenshots!More editing screenshots!

Change log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • New editing mode: Shift+click to engage area editing
  • Can now see the effect of other players flashlights
  • Made bears explode into gore when you shoot up there corpses.
  • Made dead NPC's only slow down after death when in contact with the ground.
  • Rewrote the 2 sided lighting shader. Now allows light to pass through 2 sided lit objects.
  • Rebalanced flora spawning
  • Added two new weapons: FN P90 and FN Five seven. Added new 5.7x28mm ammo.
  • Added fall damage, both to health and endurance. Armor blunt protection will help reduce health damage.
  • Added FOV setting to Brutal Nature.cfg.
  • Added player running and sprint speed setting to Server.cfg.
  • Added Sleep() call to release CPU time when game is not in focus.
  • Made 'Scan Object' (C) work on objects instead of just terrain and NPC's.
  • Added mInitialArea to particle effects to specify area for particle emission. No longer do particles all spawn from the same point.
  • Added description information to client and server to show up under properties>details and in task manager description of running.
  • Removed two bushes that where not playing nicely with the new shader
  • Server now saves data when the PC its running on is shut down.
  • Slightly improved collision detection.
  • Fixed particle effect bug with camp fire lights.
  • Fixed bug with crafting multiple objects not saying how many you crafted in the console message.
  • Fixed minor bug in the code that prevents you from getting stuck in terrain.
  • Fixed NPC's to not spas out when they can't reach you because of height difference.
  • Fixed heading on smelter menu to reflect what object you are using.
  • Fixed bug caused from server predicting movement for client after he disconnects but has not yet timed out causing client to log back in somewhere weird.
  • Fixed recipe info to show name and not editor name.

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The P90 and Five-seveN fire 5.7x28mm, not 5.7x18mm

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BlackMoons Author

Ah thanks. Its actually correct in game, I just got the release notes wrong.

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Ohhh my Got ))), Today we play With BlackMoons ))))) And he say We are the BEST Friends^_^)))

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