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New alpha build with a more complete Brok character who now has a lot more special moves and gameplay. Now you can also pick up and throw dead or fallen characters on the ground. Next will have sneaking implemented which will open up a lot more game play for the player to experience!

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The newest alpha build 0.2.4 is ready for download! Log in to your Play-Em account and download the latest version!

The following changes were made:

Brok now has many more special moves, pressing forward twice and punch or kick does a shoulder bash or drop kick, while grabbing it will do a head butt for punch. Pressing punch and kick together does a break out move, while grabbing it will do a multi hit slam move, and a pile driver while jump grabbing. He will do a mule kick when you do down, down, up, then punch and while grabbing will do a back breaker.

Fixed animation bugs occurring during grab walking and grab running.

Added option to skip intro by pressing the PAUSE button (default is enter/return).

Balanced out specials more for Lone Wolf, now they consume Ki and the Wolf gains some health while doing the biting specials.

Many more fixes and enhancements related to grabbing, jumping and special moves were made.

Brok is a powerhouse, but cannot regenerate on his own. He can however use some of his special moves to regain health and can dispatch foes easily with his new moves. Next up, I'll be adding more grabbing moves for the other characters and start implementing the sneak mode to work properly with the environment. Some good old fashioned sneak kills will be added during the next couple of weeks. Then afterwards, I'll be adding some weapons for the characters to play with. Hope you like how the game is coming along, please pre-order or donate at Lonewolfgame.com or at Play-em.com, try the game out today!

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