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We've been greenlit in less than two weeks, which honestly cought us by surprise. Even with paperwork about opening company, motivation just drove us crazy. We gifed every step of the way.

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Since online MP was so requested feature, we decided to give it a go. Soon after that we realized that our game code is completely incapable of actually communicating with the servers fast enough cause of constant checks. So, here comes the centralization of the code. Which means doing everything from scratch, but this time right. And, I guess we did it!

Player idleing, subtle start. Making sure animations are working!

First on the menu was setting up players on the stage, easy enough. But, start is a start!

Basic Input

After that, ofcourse checking for input, and making sure animations don't overlap on button mashing, which was possible to do before, because this is, well, button mashing game.

Attack animations

After that, Input for both players, and reimplementation of all the existing attack animations. (there will be lots more coming though ;) )

Choppy damage system

Here is beginning of "taking damage system", at this point it was really choppy, because it was immediate. Pressed button? Better send other player a message that he is getting wrecked!

Fluid combat

In this step, combat feels much more fluid, enemy is actually damaged on hit. Not prior to that.

Basic blocking

Since combat was lacking, blocking is back but is also pretty barebones.

Getting it just a bit more punchy

Adding some force behind the punch!

Heart of the game is back in

Some mandatory UI is back in action!

Hats and particles

We introduced hats and particles back in! Game fun increased by 20. :D

Made the game more pleasing to look at!

Made the game more pleasing to look at!

Implemented dying.

Dying is a thing now!





Mandatory timer!

And finally, more graphics!

And we're almost cought up! There is some nice new graphics happening too! :)

Our steam page can be found here: Steam Greenlight
Feel free to join our steam group to be one of the first people to try the game online! Steam Group
Follow us on twitter! @icefixgames
and check our website! Icefixgames.com

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