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Frequently Asked Questions about BroBot. Must Read these FAQ.

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BroBot™ is a low-poly combat game where you defeat against the enemies in a low-poly world. Play as BroBot as he combats the spider torrents and collect crystals and send these things to hell. Take part in his low-poly world combat. How many crystals can you collect? Will you survive in combat against different enemies?

F - Helicopter Attack
Z - Special Attack
MOUSE - Look
SPACE - Jump
P - Pause Game
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - Default Attack


Is BroBot Completely Free?
YES! This is 100% FREE to Play. If you like to support the project, Support us on PayPal and get Early Updates than everybody else.

Are these assets from Virtus Learning Hub?

90% are from his Tutorial Series on YouTube. Other 10% of the assets were from Us Directly. Don't accuse us for "Stealing Assets". Virtus Learning Hub's Assets are for FREE Use. This is why it's Free To Play unless you want to support us.

When will there be updates?

We will work on updates if a player provides feedback when clicking the "feedback" button in the main menu to let us know if they are experiencing any bugs or crashes or we are adding new stuff to the game.

Is There a Mac Version?

No. We are planning on it but if you like to help us to bring to Mac users, please DM us on Twitter: @ScaryRavenSTU

Will this be on Steam?

No. 90% Of the Assets were provided by Virtus Learning Hub and 10% were by us. We are respecting the rights of the respectful owner.

Where else the game launched on?

Itch.io. BroBot will be heading to IndieDB soon.

Is this game available in VR?

No. We are not planning any VR games anytime soon.

Does the game have Controller Support?

No. We are testing for future purposes.

Where did the name BroBot came from?
The name came from one of the episodes of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius but it's not the actual brobot character in the tv Show on Nickelodeon.

Social Media
Twitter: @ScaryRavenSTU
YouTube: Youtube.com
Instagram: @scaryravenstudios

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