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The latest update for Gloria Victis greatly increases the immersion experienced by players!

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The latest update for Gloria Victis greatly increases the immersion experienced by players! The most important change is implementation of fights between NPCs – foxes sneak towards the farms to hunt chickens and gooses, poachers hunt wild animals and mercenaries serving one nation rush on the another faction’s guards in sight in Valley of Death. In the upcoming updates various groups of NPCs will start waging their wars against another ones, bringing even more life to the world of Gloria Victis!

Moreover, gone are the times of inexhaustible resource nodes – with this update players are able to deplete them and they will be replaced with other resources, so the gatherers will have to continuously seek the best spots. In effect, actions performed by players have even bigger impact of the surrounding reality.

We have also refreshed the character selection menu to improve the newcomers experience – not only it is looking much better but also brings much more immersion from the very beginning. Meanwhile we continue the launcher rework and implementation of the dynamic events, which will greatly increase the meaning of actions performed by players, we are also working on filling up the world with breathtaking points of interest. Stay tuned!

Changelog v. 0.5.5


– Implemented AI of fighting between NPCs and NPC enemies

– Implemented the finite resources nodes – most of them can be depleted and would be replaced with another ones

– Implemented new character selection menu

– Modified behaviours of the NPC guards in the “Valley of Death” – after capturing a flag they help the players to defend it instead of disappear, so the losing nation has a chance to reduce the enemy advantage

– Implemented slowing down the characters (of 10% max) depending on the current vitality

– Reduced the character’s movement speed

– Now players can’t destroy fortifications in locations controlled by their nation

– Implemented new animation of shield blocking while standing still for NPCs

– Implemented a dialogue for Hallgrima – shieldmaiden from the Mereley suburbs

– Updated the icons of items and buffs

Game options:

– Reworked the game options window

– Added access to the game options window in main menu and character selection menu

– Fixed issue causing that a grass display distance setting didn’t work


– Fixed an issue causing a significant performance drop due to multiple terrains loading during longer sessions

– Fixed an issue causing the controller desynchronization when a player performed attacks repeadetly or cancelled an attack with a kick

– Fixed an issue causing that some buffs added huge bonus to the HP regeneration

– Fixed messages about dealt and received damage

– Fixed an issue causing death of a character after falling down from low obstacles

– Fixed an issue causing that Ragi’s and Brandon’s cohorts were spawning repeadetly

– Fixed an issue allowing to lure the NPC enemies on very long distances

– Fixed an issue allowing to revive players from very long distance

– Fixed an issue causing that “Valley of Death” tournament didn’t launch despite meeting the requirement of 3 players being registered in each team

– Fixed an issue causing that sometimes after death the respawn window was disappearing but character was staying in place and relogging was necessary

– Fixed an issue causing that sometimes NPCs were moving without a proper animation

– Optimized the network traffic by minimizing the amount of network objects being out of player’s range of sight – it will significantly improve the game’s and servers’ performance

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