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Ground shader texture rework almost finished, and new hotel buildings underway.

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Work on adjusting textures to the new ground shader is ongoing. I'm almost at the point where the existing textures are finished. There have been a couple of textures that have previously lacked gloss and normal maps, but as these become redundant with the new shader they will now be finished. It's taken a bit of time to adjust everything to the new shader, but overall it should be worth it as it lays the groundwork for a quicker work flow when it comes to making additional buildings as well as aids in optimizing graphics.

I've now gotten back to work on the todo list. For the next update (going live next monday) I intend on having more UI polish done as well as the remaining two densities of 4x4 hotels. I've also made adjustments to education and health area effects since these were working a bit oddly.

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