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New class added in v0.76: the brawler.

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The Brawler class.

It is a direct evolution of the basic ship, it has no particular ability but its pretty much the best at shooting around and its good fun. For more just grab v0.76 and see for yourself.

Now some more pressing matters, we need your help spreading the word about Dominatron, we need more players online so people can enjoy what this game is really about: emergent teamplay.

Let me explain that marketing bullshit with few examples in versus mode (which is 4vs4):
-1 tank with the sniper perk + 2 medics healing it + 1 scout/brawler guarding the medics
-2 brawlers + 2 medics
-4 invisible scouts capturing quads and spamming mines
-and much more, considering all the class + item + perk combos.

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