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Our latest BRAWL, Plasmaball Fight is out now! It's time to dominate the leaderboard with Mech Legs, Plasmas and Teslas only.

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There’s Snow Hiding from the Plasmas

We’re kicking 2017 off in Plasma-style with the unwrapping of the Christmas Gifts and the introduction of a new BRAWL.

Today we ripped off the wrapping paper on your festive gifts. If you were lucky enough to receive them in a crate during the holiday period or you forged them in-game, you can now equip them on your Robots and look awesome on the battlefield. The super-cool Carbon 6 Plasma Devastator and Goliathon weapons are a perfect fit for the first BRAWL of 2017 - Plasmaball Fight!

The new BRAWL is a Pit-based game where Plasmas and Teslas are the only permitted weapons and movement is restricted to Mech Legs - this is a drone-free zone.

The full game rules are listed below along with other changes and bug fixes.


    • Unlocking of Christmas Gifts - Carbon 6 Plasma Devastator and Carbon 6 Plasma Goliathon weapons
    • New BRAWL - Plasmaball Fight


    • Game Mode: Pit (re-spawn permitted, no timer, first to 20 kills)
    • Map: Ophiuchus Valley, Spitzer Dam, Gliese Lake
    • Number of Players: 8
    • Permitted Weapon Types: Plasmas & Tesla only
    • Permitted Movement Types: Mech legs only (sorry, no thrusters, hovers or helium)
    • Bonuses Awarded: x5 XP and +3 crates for first victory


    • End of 20% Holiday Sale Promotion - all applicable crate bundles and premium plans reverted to their standard prices


    • Fixed an issue with the pause menu sometimes appearing behind the on-screen tooltips which prevented players from exiting the tutorial
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Russian and Spanish language select options from being visible when video resolution was set to 800x600

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