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A new and better description has been written, and a box shot has been created. A new feature uses your microphone.

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Let's start by talking about the new feature. It's uses your microphone to interact with the game, if you think it is voice commands, you are wrong. :) It finds out how you have reacted to a certain event, sight etc; if you have breath heavily, screams or are just calm. This feature is optional, and is added just for fun.

Now over to the new description, it is as follows:

Sarocex's Haunted is a free roaming, psychological horror game. It has a creepy and mysterious atmosphere and design. The game is not full of "jump-scares", but rather play's with the player's mind; paranoia, anxiety, hopelessness, psycothic events and more.

Explore: Explore the mountains to discover what horrors and mysteries lurks within. Explore, solve puzzles, freak out and have fun.
Solve: The gameplay is puzzle, exploration and investigation based. The goal of the gameplay is to make the player think, instead of act; "What WAS that?", "That's creepy.", "Hope it's not following me or watching me." The player will be dragged in and be interested and freaked out.

Discover: You have limited battery on your flashlight, you need to use the flashlight to be able to solve some of the puzzles. Batteries are found by exploring and solving puzzles. You can solve the puzzles in what order that you find most suitable. If you fail a puzzle, you can't restart it, the story simply adapts to your failure, or success, if you manage to solve a puzzle. Like the first puzzle at the start of Bard's Tale (in the small prison), PS2 and Android version.

Breath: If you have a microphone, the game can monitor it, and find out if you breath heavily, screams, panicks or if you are just calm (based on pitch and volume).

Dynamic random events; on a playthrough you can trigger certain events and on other playthroughs those events may not be triggered at all. A different experience almost every time you play.

And here is the box shot:

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