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A description of what we have in plan for our hardcore sandbox survival & exploration game.

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Boundless is a very new project, and we feel like we have a lot of options to go for. One of the best things about Boundless is that we're developing it on our spare time, so we don't have to worry about any productions costs or cutting features before deadlines. We want to make a playable version avaliable to the public as soon as possible (i.e like Mojang did with Minecraft) to get as much feedback from the community as possible. We're also going to try and release gameplay videos and screenshots as soon as we have something new to show.

Right now we're working on the hunger, thirst, and sleep system as we feel it's crucial to our core gameplay, which will allow us to get playable version out to the public as soon as possible. However, we do have big things planned for Boundless in the near future, such as:

  • An immune system. This can be weakened by diseases, wounds, starvation, and sleep deprivation, to name a few. What clothes you wear and what environment you're in will have a big impact on this as well.
  • There will be no levelling up in the game. Instead, player progression will be mainly through items. This doesn't neccessarily mean gear, though. Items will mostly be utility artifacts that makey your survival life easier. For example, if you manage to kill a certain beast living in the frozen mountains, you might be able to use its stomach (which is naturally ice-cold) as a sort of fridge, which will prevent your food from rotting.
  • Shelters/housing. We are still discussing how we want to implement this, but where and how you live will definately be important. With this said, Boundless will not be a house-building game. Instead, the purpose of your housing is to be a drop-off point for what food or artifacts you have found in your travels, and a comforting haven to warm yourself in when the harsh environment has taken its toll on you.
  • Scarce combat. We want fighting to be something you do very rarely partially because the world won't be crawling with enemies, and even if you find an enemy, fighting it won't be an obvious choice as getting wounded is very much a big deal in Boundless.
  • Animals that grow from the ground like plants, and plants that walk around and reproduce like animals. Trees that have glowing, beating hearts (that you can of course steal and use as a lamp at your shelter) We want Boundless to be a completely unique world unlike anything you've ever imagined.

If you have any feedback or requests, this is the perfect time to share them with us. Let's make Boundless the best game ever!


Stealing a trees heart to use as a lamp? Count me it.

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i can't wait.. even if i'm a mac user lol

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This game looks so cool. Im looking forward for it:)

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This game is all me can't wait!

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