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You can download the demo of Boulders: Puzzle on Steam and Google Play.

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The demo with ten levels are now available to try on Steam or Google Play and early access release will be 28th of February 2021.


  • Multiple levels to test your skill.
  • Play community made levels.
  • [Optional] Measure different attributes and compare with your friends to see who the best is.
  • Create your own levels with the free included level editor (PC only).

How to play

You control a cuboid with the goal of connecting to the goal cube, moving the cuboid by rotating it.There are multiple types of cubes that can aid you in your goal or hinders your progress.

  • Player cuboid: Connect the player cuboid to the goal cube to beat the level. You move the cuboid by rotating it.
  • Player cubes: Connect with these cubes to make the cuboid longer or break it apart to make it shorter so you can get past get different areas in the level.
  • Destructor cube: If a player cube in the player cuboid connects to the destructor cube it will be destroyed and break apart the cuboid at that point.
  • Duplicator cube: If a player cube in the player cuboid connects to the duplicator cube it will be transformed into another duplicator cube break apart the cuboid at that point.
  • Ground cube: You can only move the player cuboid over ground cubes, you can also use them to disconnect the player cuboid making it shorter.
  • Goal cube: If the player cuboid connects to the goal cube you beat the level.

If you want to show off your skills to your friends, you can optionally measure three different attributes (turn them on in the settings).

  • Moves: How many times have you moved the player cuboid before you connected to the goal cube.
  • Steps: How many moves with each individual player cube in the cuboid have you moved before connected to the goal cube. If the player consists of three cubes and you make one move, that equals three steps.
  • Time: How long time did it take before you reached the goal cube.
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