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The new client brings a few adjustments and the implementation of a few core systems.

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The latest client (0.902a) is available in the Downloads section.

With the system that handles stats and items interaction finally in place, it is time to add fancy items and new models of mech to the game inventory, and begin The Great Balancing Game.

The main (functional) change visible to the player in this build is the change of philosophy in regard to the association of mech and AI. While it was previously possible to associate a mech and a board during Team setup, AIs are now assigned to a mech during the Fitting stage. The reasoning is far too nitpicky and convoluted for me to recount it, but I promise it's the way that makes sense, and it opens the way for even more tedious strategy options.

In the meanwhile, we are still very much looking for enthusiastic testers.

The next build, 0.903a, will see the implementation of the last (for now) great strategic sub-layer, viz, the heating and heatsinks system.

It will also be the first build open to anyone. It has come to my attention that the client gets downloaded, but we do not get contacted about setting up any accounts - which makes me think some download it just to be disappointed when it doesn't do anything.
So I am temporarily setting up an account auto-creation system to allow free access to anyone logging on up to the first hundred users or two (let's be optimistic, why not).

So all the shy people who don't want to message, keep an eye out for 0.903a coming out.


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