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Good day everyone, today I've got some some really exciting stuff that really pushes the game from where it was just a few days ago to where it is now. The ocean is a lot more atmospheric. Dev Vlog and Readable Log content is available.

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The newest dev vlog is released bringing about some really exciting oceanic atmospherics, ranging from - volumetric refraction of light in the water, caustics hitting the seafloor, seal fur morphing and seal eye morphing.

Here's the dev vlog.

Below is the readable content version that briefly goes over what is in the video (with Gifs).

Volumetric Water Refraction (Caustics). (Gif degrades quality).

Volumetric Light Refraction

Seal fur morphing.

Morphing the seal fur so we can simulate dry (fuzzy) fur when out of water. The fur still needs a bit of work to remove the 'quading'.

Fur Morphing

Seal Eye Morphing

While the eye morphing in this case isn't so great - I decided to just do an eye morph so I can switch back and forth between both sets of eyes seamlessly. A lot of people were essentially saying when the eyes were smaller they looked like 'satan' himself sent them. Which hey that's cool! But let's keep it that way and let's just make the eyes bigger with a blendshape (morph). So now eye morphing will be a thing in the game - such as blinking eyes, etc.

Seal Eye Morphing

Caustics (seafloor).

Caustics hitting the seafloor. These aren't exactly related to the volumetric caustics, they were simply for atmospheric purposes, just as this is. So they are independent from each other.

Caustics Seafloor

Seaweed Swaying.

A new seaweed plant recently introduced, in reality this was just a first attempt at using a ZBrush Fibermesh to see if poly counts would fare out well enough, they sure did and it works beautifully with a vertex shader I made that sways it around. I can adjust the strengths, etc so it can be pretty dynamic later, such as a harsh current hitting it and blowing it around harder.

Seaweed Sway

This sums up today's Dev VLog, I really hope you all found it exciting! The game is coming along great!

You can also now wishlist Born of The Wild™ The Depths on Steam! Wishlist today to stay up to date on release information.

Thank you everyone, have a wonderful day/night and stay safe.

David Watts.


Brilliant stuff! Will be following :)

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WarheadDesignz Author

Awesome, I'm glad you like it :)
I am sorry for the delay in response times. I needed to take a break after crunching the main core mechanics during a short period of time. Now i'm working on the smaller subsystems to make the quality of life better (e.g. > the water) and so forth.

A lot of cool things will be coming soon and I can't wait to share with y'all the stuff I'll bring to the game :)

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