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brief description of the additions and improvements added to this week's article.

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Whats going on guys the team would like to welcome you to this week's article for boris the vampire , last time we were adding more improvements to the game and this week we have some more news for you. Our "weather and drain mechanics" are getting some touch ups to improve the gameplay to players. If you haven't already heard of the weather mechanic its basically a system designed to predetermine the weather, so in the game random events shall occur where rain and perhaps thunderstorms will appear out of nowhere. Now during this time some townsfolk might run indoors while others stay out, this will also be an important factor in deciding who you will be conversating with certain times people will be available while others they may not.

Thank you for catching this week's article also make sure to be ready for our steam release coming within a few short months along with our crowdfund campaign we'll need you the community help us along each step of the way to bring you a well thought story based game. If you would like to help us please make sure to check out new website as well Anuragl94.github.io and thank you for reading and stay tuned for more news!

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