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Patches, fan art, raging, and some necessary words from the author (me).

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I'm flowing with excitement for my reccently released game, Boredom. It has been getting more view than I had anticipated. There have been many comments. Many good comments. Many comments about raging. Honestly I didn't expect the game to be this difficult! o_o

So there are a few significant things that are happening at the moment.

  • A second person made a fan art image.

    Oh, how lovely it is to get such lovely fan art! Please send more. It makes me blush. Really!

  • Let's play videos are being made every so often. It's so fun to watch people rage with this game.
    Every time I find one I put it in this playlist on youtube: Youtube.com
    But I've noticed that many of these players get to the first boss and... well... that's it.... The first boss appears to be an extreme difficulty spike which brings me to my next bullet point.
  • I've updated the game (which is awaiting authorization e_e). In this update I may have slightly changed the difficulty of the first boss. Just a little. BARELY. Also, it changes depending on how well you are doing. Again, this difficulty change is very unnoticeable and may not even help you. Oh well... I also changed the ending of the game. The old ending was just bland and boring (lol get it?). Now it's better.
  • Speaking of raging-let's-players, do you know who would make a great player? Yea, pewdie! Do you want to see a swedish gamer get really upset? Then you can help tell him about this game!
    Go to this link Pewdiepie.net and add this game as a suggestion!

Although I have stared prototyping a new game, this one will continue to get patches, updates, and I will respond to the community. Yea!

--XHH (of course)


If you could make a multiplayer update it would be like Bloody trapland. I love that game. :)
U are awesome
This game is EPIC"""""!!!

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XHH Author

Multiplayer mode... I'm not so sure about that...
But thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy this game!

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