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Post news Report RSS Border Recon - Update 02/09/2017

This latest update will list the recent developments on the game project including: new "Minimap" feature, new Recoil feature, and more.

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This devlog mentions the following development progress of Border Recon:

  1. New Minimap feature
  2. New Launcher feature
  3. Redesigned Class Menu
  4. New Launcher features
  5. And more.


The new Minimap feature has been added to help players orientate to their location in the world map.


The new recoil feature has been added to add detail on the weapon firing mechanism. The Recoils for each weapon have now been set with different values depending on its size. The recoil will hinder the accuracy of a weapon, the first 3 bullets will follow the most accurate trajectory than the rest of the bullets fired in a single burst/shot.

Redesigned Class Menu

The old buttons for selecting classes is replaced with plain font to look similar to the launcher and pause menu of the game to keep the consistency in the menu design layout. The line spacer between the weapons (Primary, Secondary, etc.) are now colored yellow-orange.

New Launcher Features

The game launcher now features a minimize and close buttons. The launcher window can now be also dragged and moved by clicking the top fourth-half of the window.

Patches & Fixes

Other updates on the Border Recon project are included in the list below:

  1. Vehicles now create dust particles as it moves on terrain ground.
  2. Problem with AT4/RPG rockets not exploding as it hits a wall problem is now fixed.
  3. Reloading sound on weapons has been refined.
  4. Server now resets the number of tickets when there are no players available.
  5. Server now resets the vehicle location when there are no players available.
  6. Friendly fire is now disabled.
  7. Weapons not showing at the start of the game problem is now fixed.
  8. Dynamic cross hair has been added.
  9. Compass in vehicle now works.
  10. Button for USE is changed to 'F'.
  11. Players not hidden when entering a vehicle problem is fixed.

You can keep up-to-date with the development of this project in Discord: Discord.gg

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