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Pre-alpha 0.2F is available for testing now! Find the download link inside.

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Hi there, Jena here. It has been a long time since I've updated this page. I have been away working on my studies and the game itself. I haven't abandoned the project that's for sure. As I've promsed on my last update that despite slower updates, I will keep working on the game.

Anyway, the latest updates are out! It introduces stability fixes, picking up where we've left off with 0.2C. You will find the change log below listing all the changes I've added to the game.

I have to say the game now is more stable. You can now download the files and test the game with others. If you want to that, download links for the base file and patches are below.

Please make sure to apply all the patches in the correct order i.e. apply 0.2E first before 0.2F. You will need 3 files, the base file (0.2D) and the patches (0.2E and 0.2F).

Base file (0.2D):S3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com
Patch (0.2E): Mega.nz
Patch (0.2F): Mega.nz


I hope you'll find the game interesting and I'll see you in-game.

Also, if you find any bugs please report it in this page or in my Discord server: Discord.gg

Thank you!

Change logs:
-Added stability fixes to the net-code to fix the "connection time-out" issue present in the previous versions.
-Fixed issue with minimap not showing the player's location.
-Added stability and optimization on UI - reduced memory consumption and fixed glitched functions.
-Fixed player count on server list.
-Added count-down sound at round start.
-Replaced silhouette images of weapon profile on class menu to actual images of in-game weapons.
-Fixed issue with Timeout notice on the main menu not responding to mouse clicks.
-Improved grenade throw animation.
-Added sniper reload animation (different to rifle animation).
-Added different weapon sounds including: M9, M16A2, M249, M1911, AK47, AK74, M82, and RPG.
-Fixed the wrong rotation of M249 at the start of the round.
-Added animation pose on player character for RPG/LAW.
-Fixed issue with weapons facing the wrong direction at the start of the round.
-Fixed the size of RPG model.
-Added "Trigger Lock" notice when crouching or proning - some weapons can only be used in zoomed-camera mode.
-Added radio commands, can be activated by pressing "C".
-Fixed the hand grip of the player characters to make contact with the weapon model.
-Fixed issue with in-game settings menu not applying changes.
-HUD now disappears at round start until player selects a class.
-Fixed issue with main menu settings page not applying changes.
-Fixed bug with "exit" button that caused improper shutdown of application.
-Disabled player character "bunny hopping".
-Added death animation for prone position.
-Added death animation for crouch position.
-Fixed issue with "Connection timed out" box appearing on every game exit.
-Fixed issue with footstep sounds - temporary fix - work is in progress on the procedural footstep sound, requires tweaking.
-Fixed issue with player character facing the wrong direction while crouched and using RPG/LAW.
-Added lean animations - requires tweaking.
-Added bases that can be captured - requires tweaking.
-Replaced all killinfo icons to text reference of weapons used to kill an opponent i.e. "Player 1 [M16A2] Player 2".
-Changed melee attack animation.
-Prone idle animation hand grip is updated.
-Weapon firing sound distance increased by half as much.
-Test map Border Town is updated.
-Collision models on tanks updated.
-Sizes of all vehicles in Border Town adjusted to correct size.
-Reset ammo when player respawns issue is fixed.
-Disable zoom when player with sniper weapon reloads during prone.
-Disable zoom when player with sniper weapon moves during prone.
-Fixed decal bulletholes texture artefacts.
-Killinfo weapon image is changed to text (name of weapon).
-Fixed issue with player characters floating at round start.
-Red notice text on center of screen now disappears when player dies.
-Map is reduced to 2x size (previously 512x512, now 256x256) optimizing the game.
-Tree collision model is reduced in resolution, it was causing the FPS to dip.
-Localized keyboard layout support for chat.
-Fixed the bug with controls not detecting the correct key for Non-UK keyboard.
-Fixed player spinning while jumping.
-Fixed bug where players doesn't reset position when re-spawning after death.

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