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A demo of the upgrade to the movement system showcasing the solution to the problem which I've pointed out in my previous devlog.

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I now have a demo video showcasing the new (or rather: improved) movement system. This system is not exactly the proposed design that I've talked about in the previous devlog but rather a more elegant solution to the problem I've had in my game's animation system. So Leadwerks has a built-in PlayAnimation() function which allows developers to interpolate different animation sequences, to cut this devlog short and on point using the function results to this:

A less glitchy animation set. The player movement now flows more naturally as each following sequence is blended into and from the previous animation softening the transition in-between!


On other news, I now have a new set of weapon 3D models which I will be implementing into the game soon. It comes with a full set of textures including normals, speculars, diffuse, etc. I will be working in integrating these models ready to be used in version 0.2D.

I am a student at a University and my classes for this year have already started, there may be delays in the posting of my future devlogs and I apologize in advance. I will continue to make time to develop this game and hopefully meet the deadline I've set for the release of this game at Q1 of 2018!

Thank you. There will be more updates to come soon. Check out my Discord for snippets and snapshots of the game's development progress: Discord.gg


I hope to see you finish and move on to a more original game cause you really work hard at developing this project. Good luck in the future!

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jenstarrrr Author

Thank you notaclevername. I appreciate the kind words!

I have several more projects planned after Border Recon. I chose a very simple concept for this game because I needed to focus on building the framework and implementing all the logic behind it.

My previous projects had complex concepts and they ended up a mess. What I learned from my previous experience is that the more complex the idea is the more unconventional the game's code becomes. All of my previous projects have failed so I learn from that mistake and now try to create something simple first and then maybe move on to something more complex later. This would be my first complete project, if I ever complete it!


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