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Information on the current Boneloaf roadmap and the development of Grim Beasts.

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The development of Grim Beasts has slowed in the last few months as we (Boneloaf) have been concentrating on a similar game built with the same character pose and movement system we are making for Grim Beasts (we currently call the system 'Femur'), the new game is provisionally title 'Gang Beasts' and is a single player and multiplayer Co-op (1-4 player) fighting game influenced by mêlée combat arcade games, specifically Capcom's Final Fight games, Sega's Streets of Rage series, and Taito's Double Dragon and Renegade games.

The development of Grim Beasts (and our space game prototype 'Star Beasts') is continuing in parallel to the developments of Gang Beasts (specifically improvements to 'Femur' can be moved to the other games) but there is currently no plans to release Grim Beasts before we have finished and published the first version of the Gang Beasts game.

The logic for deferring of the Grim Beasts game (until some time after Gang Beasts is published) is:

  • Strategic (Gang Beasts will be our first commercial game as a company)
  • Practical (we think Gang Beasts can be developed more rapidly than Grim Beasts)
  • Technical (Gang Beasts is less technically complex to realise than Grim Beasts and Gang Beasts technology and assets can be cannibalised to improve Grim Beasts)
  • Commercial (as a small company that hasn't released a game previously or demonstrated income from games, we need to start to make money in the next year to offset our costs, we think Gang Beasts is the most immediate path to making a finished game that we can charge a price for)

If you want to follow the development of our games or our company the link to the IndieDB page for Gang Beasts is Indiedb.com, and for Boneloaf it is Indiedb.com

We will continue to update the Grim Beasts page as new features or content is added.

SteveTheSheep - - 1 comments

when will it be released?, it looks really good!!!

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glumjamesbrown Author
glumjamesbrown - - 1,253 comments

We have not set a release date for the full game but expect to release a Grim Beasts pre-alpha build later this year or early next year (when Gang Beasts is closer to being finished).

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hunner16 - - 1 comments

every one is still waiting

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InfamousLawnmower955 - - 1 comments

Game looks sick, I would love to play it

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