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Bombs and Bullets RTS features update. Usually posts every Monday if there is new progress relating to future features.

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bnb big pathfinding implemented

:: BnB ::

dev :: Commander Rad

tools :: Love2D, Maya, Spine, Photoshop,

web :: twitter.com/GamesBreakfast

progress ::

+ Spent some time thinking about how to implement roads efficiently

+ Three-layer pathing added (vid). Pathing pretty quick on medium-sized maps

- Now there's a grid of 1 cell, grid of 10 cells, and grid of 100 cells, and the pathfinding utilizes all three.

- Huge maps now take quite a long time to load, since it needs to pre-load the entire map once

- RAM usage is now the main limiting factor for map size, Luagit can only manage 2 Gs of RAM. We need to make our own memory management system in future.

- After loading a map, placing structures and editing the terrain will only require re-initializing a small map chunk. So that's no big deal.

+ Due to the issues mentioned above, we're limiting map size in version 0.02 to 500x500,

- in future versions we plan on solving these problems and bumping the map size up to 2000 x 2000.

+ Basic structure building now functionally restored.

- There are still graphical issues like floating buildings and clipping into terrain.

+ Restoring minimap functionality and fixing building structures is next.

+ Version 0.01 released and is available here: Balancedbreakfast.itch.io

+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen:

+ playlist: Soundcloud.com

bnb update cover01a

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