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Two new features and the story behind them. Also an overview of the programming logic of these features.

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If video isn't your thing, here is a brief overview in text and pictures:


B.O. Bob in action:

bo bob 1

B.O. Bob Raising one arm:

bo bob raise left export

B.O. Bob scratching head:

bo bob right arm scratch export

B.O. Bob raising both arms (yawning):

bo bob both arms export

B.O. Bob State Machine Logic:

coding bob state machine 1

coding bob state machine 2

A couple of the collision borders for the stink cloud:

stink cloud frame 8

stink cloud frame 9

Dave purchasing an Emergency Beard:

beard purchase menu

Dave putting on an Emergency Beard:

Dave Disguise export

GIF of Dave applying beard in level

beard 2


Logic for the Beard power-up

beard put on

beards animation watcher

Let me know any thoughts or comments!


Dave-Man on Steam


Lou Bagel on Twitter

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