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Militia is changing into a Trooper. With the skill to equip different weapons

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-Militia Changed to Trooper

-Trooper now has new model and uses the new animation and weapon equipment as the bounty hunter. Players will now have options to customize the trooper’s weapons loadout.

-Certain ability names have been changed to better reflect the trooper’s weapon versatility.

-Trooper now starts with a metal sword and wooden shield upon recruitment.

-All militia models in the barracks have been changed to the new trooper model.

-Shields are now equippable on Bounty Hunter as well as Trooper.

-Expanded area of when player will be notified of arriving in town.

-Simplified minor tutorial dialogues.

-Console box has been inverted to have text move from bottom to top.

-Arcanist’s sword no longer clips with the model while running.

-Fixed all follower contracts notifications and will no longer lock up the player during notifications as well as removing the “OK” button.

-Cave Lighting for the player has been fixed for all sections now. Light will not go off when player moves closer to walls or objects.

-Bugged Bounty Hunter model standing idle in Jericho Boss fight has been removed.

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