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The latest stable version of Blood Hunters is now available for download!

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The latest stable version of Blood Hunters is now available for download!

It's still a prototype so expect some bugs and lack of tutorial/user friendliness.
We plan to release updates more frequently. Each update will focus on finalizing one aspect of the game, be it feature or art. The update will include the latest build and a video log that explains the finalized feature in detail. Hopefully this means that the video logs will eventually serve as video tutorials until we add in-game tutorials in-game much later on. In the meantime I hope you will have patience to learn the game without a guiding hand.

As of now there's no keyboard support or online play nor will there be for quite some time.
The game has been tested with ps3, ps4, xbox 360 and xbox one controllers.

The only major bug left in the prototype is related to how low frame rates messes with physics.
If you get frame rates below 30 FPS then you will most likely experience some odd physics behavior such as characters getting stuck in the environment or moving at incredible speeds. Fixing This will require a complex and time consuming solution. Hopefully most of you will never encounter this bug, but if you do get stuck in the environment I have added a console command "Unstuck". This will re-position all players. You can access the console by pressing right CTRL + F1.


Note that 99% of all graphics and sounds are temporary and will be replaced by final assets every time we release an update.

As always any feedback is much appreciated!


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