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The announcement of Blood Age: Wrath of the Raven God

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Hello everyone! I'm Trev the Dev, founder of ShaderX Studios. For the past few months we've been hard at work developing a project I've wanted to see for years, and we feel it's best to show it this early in. Blood Age: Wrath of the Raven God is a spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall and a fresh new cRPG. Wrath of the Raven God features a vast and diverse open world with thousands of hours of content and playtime. With an immersive story of war and chaos, fans of old school RPGs and new action adventure RPGs will rejoice. From chopping down tress and building a homestead, delving into an ancient dungeon for hours, to taking a player-owned and customized ship to sea for naval war and pillaging coastal cities, Wrath of the Raven God truly will provide players of all kinds with endless content. Because the game is so early into development, it's release will be quite a while out. But we do intend to update everyone here and on our r/BloodAge subreddit. I hope to announce more soon, cheers!

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