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New codes architecture, new grass textures with dirt and foliage and new UI look.

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Code architecture
Most of the work that I have done in the past week is unfortunately not something that has a lot of visual interest. I can't really take snaps of that or videos to help me explain or describe what it is. So I'll have to explain in in a text form. If you don't care, I understand. Basically, since neither I nor Chucky are programmers, I decided to code the game myself. Unfortunately, it apparently comes with some downfalls. My codes were all messy and all over the place. I did not really have a game manager or a script that was handling the cummunication between the other ones. Every tools, (Bombs, Planks, HAB, etc.) had their own code. There was no way for me to keep track of a lot of valuable information within the game.

MonoDevelop 2016 10 22 18 23 59

So I pretty much went through all the scripts in the game (picture above) and made sure that some of the classes were more generic and handled by a singleton Game Manager (image below).

MonoDevelop 2016 10 22 18 24 57

You can see that in the game manager I created a lot of public voids that are in charge of doing actions for other scripts. So pretty much all the other scripts in the game are communicating with this one. It is just a more streamlined way of working.

New UI? Maybe..?
Another thing we did this week is to rethink the whole GUI (graphical user interface). We just did not feel it anymore and it was not blending well sometimes with what was in the background.

ezgif com resize 1

As you can see in the picture above, that was out old UI. The play button sometimes gets hidden by trees and whatnot and the tools being the left side made everything unbalanced in our opinions.

2016 10 21 12 54 51

We are trying to go for something more in this style (see picture above). Having the tools centered at the bottom just makes everything a bit more balanced and symmetrical. Please tell us which one you prefer.

New grass! Thank god...
Thank god is right. Chucky has reworked the grass from the last blog for something more like we envisioned. I was so NOT liking the previous one. It was way too busy and realistic for our white, clean and simplistic game. You don't remember? Here is the old grass.

grass test

Here is the newer one. Obviously this is still a work in progress. Chucky still is working on the grass planes and the plants to decorate it a bit more.

grass new

We will definitely share more on the next blog. Until then, I hope you guys enjoyed reading us. Thanks again. Feel free to follow us and contact us for any questions.


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