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This week, you'll read about some of the new weapons being done for a few of the infantry. You'll also get to see the exterior of the Allied Refinery!

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New Weapons

The GI's Weapons

His primary weapon will be the MP5-K, as seen here.

In the rules.ini, we found that the GI's secondary weapon is labeled as "Para", which is short for FN Minimi Para. This will be the his secondary weapon.

Ivan's Weapons

Ivan will be getting a Revolver. It'll be a MP-412 REX Revolver, manufactured in Russia.

Ivan will also be getting a combat machete, much like this, but it depends on what Ric has in store for us.

Soviet Technician/Engineer's Pistol

The S4M and the MSP silent pistols will be given to these units.

Allied Refinery

User Posted Image

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i read the blog and to possibly answer the chrono miner problem, maybe script the refinery so that ittl "detect" if a miner is unloading its ore and if an other tries to warp to it, ittl display a message saying for example: refinery in use, please wait. or you can make it so that the miner only warps to spots around the refinery, so instead of immediatley at the refinery's unloading spot, somewhere infront of it, at random spots. ofcourse while having some system so that it wont warp into an other miner (or building for that matter)! i hope that solves it! =3

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