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Blog 79, posted last week. Today we have some ingame screenshots of various things and a Yuri face!

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Ingame Screenshots

Tesla IFV

Dune Patrol 1

Dune Patrol 2

Pillbox Video

View the video of the pillbox in action against a Rhino tank here.


Yuri Face
Yuri Face

Check out the full blog over at the official forums.


Lol at the Yuri face.

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hey, it's the evil villain known as .5 mustache
lol lol lol

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yuris face is good, its the shape of his head and chin that are wrong, you should look at ra2 and ra2-yr intro vids, wider head and wider jaw, also his mouth is to thin when he opens it, make it wider

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danpaul88 Author

Yeah, OWA is aware that there are a few issues with the model, and it is still a WIP. I probably should have mentioned that on the news article actually... oh well :P

As for the 0.5 moustache mentioned in the post above yours, that's a limitation of the auto-generation software OWA used due to the shadow on that side of the image he fed in, but that will obviously be fixed.

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omg he's infected with rage!...but he's immune...just look...he's albino ...to an extent...look at his left eye in the 2nd picture(on the right side of the picture). Not only is he a .5 mustache, but he is also .5 rage infected!

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