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This week you'll read about Harrier improvements, the Allied Air Force Command HQ, the Soviet Flak Track, and some team notices. Sorry for the very late post!

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Welcome to this week's blog. sadly, I don't have many new things to show you, but I'll see what I can find. (scraping the barrel again kids :sigh:)


Harrier Improvements

DannyCon has finished up the Harrier now to RA2 spec. Now all that is left to do is model the cockpit, get it textured, rigged and animated. Exciting stuff! Although the soviets may crap themselves if they see the full requisition of four harriers coming for their war factory.


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Air Force Command HQ

The team has been deciding on the interior for the Airforce Command HQ. We have come to a decision that there will beaccess to the top control tower and access to the basement. The basement will be accessed via a nice big cargo elevator and possibly a ladder as well for all you elevator-haters out there. The basement will contain missile racks and fuel for the aircraft. One of these will probably be a weakpoint for the building. Up top we have the command tower which is accessed using the stairs in the front of the structure. These will provide access to the gantries and the uppper comm tower. In the comm tower there will be another weakpoint (probably a flight control computer). The gantries will be the allies lifeline if the soviets get up into the upper comm centre as they can be used to land rocketeers on before running up to engage in combat.

Updates on the internals will follow in the coming weeks.


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Tankmaster's Suprise

Tankmaster has been cooking something extra special up for the installer. As we are going for a really immersive atmosphere, we are going to try as much as possible to make you feel as if you are actually playing RA2 but from a differant perspective. But it's not just going to be the game that gets the glory. Oh no. Tankmaster has gone as far as to recreate the RA2 installer in all it's glory. The installer will be a fullscreen fixture eventually and it's going to rock your world.


 Flak Track


Well, the flak track needs re-unwrapping.... so it's a good opportunity to do some model updates! I basically cleaned up the whole mesh and made the back section a little taller. I also made the gun mountings bigger so the gun can actually point vertically without clipping the rest of the model.


Check it out with a new render background that I'm testing out. (Check the next few weeks for a few background variations.)


User Posted Image



Testing Screenshots

dtrngd and [FW]Wolf have been playing around in our infantry-only map, RA2_Rocky_Pass.mix! Take a look at the cool screenies that they have taken.


User Posted Image





Team Notices

I'm a Mechanical Man


cfehunter is a college linux man with XP.

Merovingian is a bi-sexual furry. You heard me right.

danpaul88 is a coder and a leet one at that.

Ric is a model making machine

dtrngd is a map making machine

rm5248 is a Blender crash course expert

nameme99 is an aerial ace

BogdanV is a professor with a degree in kick ass level edit arm twisting

Poggel is an infernal designer that designs inferiors.

Tankmaster is a Tankmaster

Eggman891 is the Eggman with a master plan.

Soviet_Deso is a texturiser who just got nuclear

Coolrock is a PR man with a flashy car and a license the thrill.... allegedly

Chronojam is unofficially a California man

And drunkill is a leetcake baker, any questions?


OWA's Community Support Shed

User Posted Image


It's that time again. I actually got a notice from someone this time! Great huh?

[FW]Wolf and cnc95fan have started the Battle For Dune mod from where it left off. A few maps have been made and vehicles are being tested. Check out their moddb page over here with older screenshots from eons ago located here. I have also heard that a website and forums are coming soon.

RenEvo have a voice acting competition! You could be a mechanical an and win prozes! Details are here. The deadline for this competition is on the first of December so break out the microphones! (You can hear a sample of my entry above in the "team notices" section of the blog).



Ok, I guess we had more than I said we did :sweatdrop:

Seeya next week for more Apocalypse Rising News!

Remember to close the door on your way out and try not to bang it too hard please.

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