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This week you'll read about the Soviet Apocalypse Tank, Allied Harrier, and some Team Notices.

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Welcome to this week's AR blog. Bringing you fun and delights with the smell of burning tanks with a hint of minty freshness.


Soviet Apocalypse Assault Tank

The Apocalypse Tank is back with an updated model whihc is miles better than it's current iteration.

This tank is the heaviest tank in the soviet arsenal and it boasts a set of massive twin cannons, that deal with the ground targets, with some AA missile launchers (tusk missiles) that rip through air targets. The tank is heavily armoured and can take a lot of punishment before it is destroyed.

Here it is!

Model by One Winged Angel, Svensmokavich and Skulking Ferrit.


User Posted Image



Allied Harrier

Our new model maestro, DannyCon, has been working on the allied harrier. This aircraft is very fast and packs a punch with it's maverick missiles. Subsequently, the armour of this craft is quite light and can be ripped apart by flak quite easily. To stop this happening the allies have employed a new train regime which allows their pilots to barrel roll and loop the loop to evade enemy AA fire. This should give pilots a chance now that the war has changed.
The harrier can only be landed at the Air Force Command HQ and possibly the Tech Airport. This means that if you try and land elsewhere, you will crash and burn. If you try getting out midair, you will crash and burn. When you land at a safe zone, the landing gear will deploy and the harrier will be re-armed with maverick missiles.

Model by DannyCon

User Posted Image




As you may know, Moddb have completely changed their layout and format of how everything is presented. This is good in some ways, but bad in others. At the moment, Bluehell Productions is one of the most popular groups on Moddb. How about that?

Both projects are also listed as indie (independent) games.

With the moddb awards beginning this month, make sure to vote for us in full force so we can hopefully win some awards for our trouble.




Team Notices

I'm good, thanks for asking.

cfehunter has windows back after he relaised that he can't do his coursework on linux/ubuntu.

danpaul88 is doing a great job helping out oxi and getting the stats up and running again. Fear not, players of APB!

chevy787 is unwrapping the welder ready for drunkill to texture it.

Flak Track need re-unwrapping.

A lot of secret stuff is floating around. So secret that your brain would explode if I told you.


OWA's Community Support Shed

No one has approached me again for stuff to put here so I'll fill it with stuff I feel is relevant.

Go and check out Tiberian Eclipse! It is a mod for Cysis that converts it into the world of Tiberian Sun but with a radical design change (even more so that Reborn). This mod is leader by ex-Reborn staff member Three9 (known as SpartnII back in the day). This mod will be awesome as the graphical quality of the assets being produced at the moment is phenomenal.

Check it out at Solar-fissure.com

With the upcoming release of Unreal Tournament 3 imminent, we must all cast our eyes upon Renegade 2007 as they begin to get things ingame and rigged. They already have a number of graphical assets completed so it is only a matter of time before they get some cool videos for us to drool over.

Go and see [NE]Fobby[GEN]'s brainchild over at Renegade2007.com

Also we must not forget Crysis and Dante's team over at RenEvo. Development of the Command and Crysis mod is going to be fun to watch as the C&C mode of gameplay is reproduced in Crysis for many people to enjoy. This is definitely on my watch list.

Head over to Renevo.com for the latest news and updates regarding their hosted projects.



Same time next week? What? Oh ok, just because it's you <3


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