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Hello and welcome to the 52nd installment to the Battle for Dune blogs! This weeks blog is our one year blog, thats right we've been making BFD for a year now! Check out what else is happening over at www.battlefordune.co.uk

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Hello, its been one year since me and cnc95fan started this mod and what a year it has been. But lets see the blog.

To mark our year of modding, we have a nice new test client and we have been testing a lot.

Here are two videos showing what we have been up to!


BFD_Caladan is set on the homeworld of the Atreides. A water planet much like Earth, but the war of Assassins as spread to this peaceful world.

BFD_Sandtrap is set in the heart of the desert on Arrakis. Being an infantry only map, there are no Sandworms due to the rock under the sand in this area. But there aren't just two Houses fighting...

Harkonnen Infantry


The Scout is the fastest infantry on field, he can cover large amounts of ground in seconds. He is equipped with a pistol and binoculars (what more does a cheap scout need?). The Scout is also cloaked so he can survey the field without any hassle, and for that reason he does not have any C4. His binoculars are very good when it comes to spotting incoming enemies and can also see cloaked units.

How to use
The Scout is great for early lookouts and to check for those first dump rushes, their binoculars can see stealth, so just watch out for those Atreides APCs and Fremen!

Light Infantry

These troops are lightly armoured and nimble. Armed with a chain gun, pistol and timed C4 they are the standard infantry got the Harkonnen. Hardened infantry from Giedi Prime, a industrial waste land where they are only taken by power and strength. Where their armies ranks are raised by lower ranks killing their officers and captains.

How to use
The Harkonnen light infantry are best at close range due to their chain guns which just spray and pray, but are powerful, but can't really hit anything at a far range. Using your tanks to trap other infantry into infantry cover so you can move in and spray them to death.

Rocket Trooper

The Rocket Trooper is very affective against vehicles and air craft, and fairly good against infantry. They are slow moving units having to carry around a large rocket launcher, but their rockets aren't as strong as the Atreides rockets but are able to move and shoot unlike the Atreides. They are you're best form of anti air as well.

How to use
The rocket trooper is best for a tank ambush in the middle of the dunes, using rock cover or just a dune itself to cover yourself from fire you can make short work of them. They are also great for hiding in your base and taking out incoming rushes and air attacks. They are also very good at slowing down your enemies’ money intake by killing their carryalls for their harvesters.


The Engineer is the main base blowing, building repairing, mine laying infantry. He is the base form of defence when it comes to it, repairing is a major part of gameplay. If you do not repair your base will die and the game will be over very quickly, simple as and its a great way of getting points and money. He is armed with 2 remote c4, 2 timed c4 and some mines for good measure. At the moment he is what will be repairing your infantry and vehicles aswell.

How to use
The best way to use your Engineer is to repair your base. Inside of the buildings and find the weak point/MCT (not decided yet either). You can lay mines inside your base and buildings as a form of defence to keep our tanks or infantry. His C4 is very good at taking out large structures at its weakest part; his C4 is handy against vehicles as well. A good tactic is to have an APC rush with a few engineers in with some other units to try and take out a building; they are also really useful for healing your vehicles and infantry.

Flame-Thrower Infantry

The Flame-Thrower Infantry is armed with a flamethrower, pistol and timed C4. He is very affective against all kinds of infantry and does some decent damage against tanks. He is a slow moving infantry due to having heavy gas tanks on his back so he has plenty of gas to burn his enemies with. When he dies, his gas tanks explode and might kill near by allies and enemies.

How to use

He is very much like the Harkonnen light infantry, great at close range, in a tunnel or even for rushing in after enemies that have just entered your building(s), the best way to clear them out is with your flamethrower. It has burning affect as well, so after you're clip is dry, pull your pistol and finish them off.

Some History

Well it’s been one since we set out and took over Battle for Dune and we have come along way in such a small amount of time.

It all started when cnc95fan took the mod over from laeubi, it was just sitting there unfinished and open for anyone to download. Back then cuddling was a mapper for the mod, Aydeybek as a modeller, Bullet.Design as a modeller and semi skinner and I was PR. About a month later into the mod I was then made Leader along side cnc95fan and also started mapping. We were set but one thing was missing, we needed some sort of name for ourselves. So me and cnc95fan started to think about a Production name, then i suggested Final Warriors (seeing as i was/am in the Final Warriors clan) and it seemed like a good name so we stuck with it!

We started to get in touch with the guys over at Dune2k where the guys loved us and our models, we a lot got a section on MP-Gaming. Some other members had joined by then too, TruYuri (who left after some words were spoken), cuddling got too busy with other things and had to leave as a mapper but stayed on as a tester, wciow joined us but left wth out a trace but he helped us out A LOT (without him, we'd have no infantry at all.) R34ch also joined us as a mapper but his work over at APB got bigger and had to leave, but he is still a tester. Reborn was our coder and a damn good one at that. I would like to personally thank One_Winged_Angel (Ben) for everything he has done for me over the years i have been in the APB community and started to follow AR, it has helped me in so many ways and I still need to repay the favour... Somehow lol.

Killakanz also returned from the past (he was one of the founders of the mod back in 2003) and has stepped in to help now and then and we owe him a lot, thanks man. Danpaul88 as helped us out too with some small things, but it all helps, LR01 has joined us a modeller and rigger as well and we owe him a lot seeing as he has many so many models for us and not to mention made our vehicles work! Fluffy-Opossum as also helped us out with some texturing and modelling. -FW-White has helped us out a great deal with web hosting, FTP hosting, the name for our productions, our site, our current Ordos vehicle icons and a lot more graphic work.

We have been through a lot, losing so many skilled modellers but also finding new ones that have helped us along the way. We have had a great, fun year and we have many more to come! I hope everyone who follows this mod will continue to do so and to have faith in us to deliver a true E: BFD FPS mod.

Thanks for all your support and for the comments on Moddb, it all makes us want to continue what we are doing more and to get this done faster to get it to you!

Well thats it for this week. I hope you've enjoyed this year of BFD as much as we have, and expect many more to come!

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