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A triple blog from the guys who bring you Emperor: Battle for Dune to your feet!

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Hey all. Sorry about no blogs for 3 weeks, this got ontop of us but we're here now with all three blogs at once!

The Sand Worm

LR01 has modeled our Sand Worm. This Worm rides under the sands of Arrakis, popping up when it feels vibrations in search of food. Watch out on the battlefield for this monster.

User Posted Image

The Harkonnen Flame Tank

Fluffy-Opossum has been busy making the Harkonnen Flame Tank. The Flame Tank carries two heavy side-mounted flame-throwers. This allows it to engage two enemies at once, or focus both beams forward onto one opponent (this happens when a specific target is selected). These weapons are highly effective against infantry. The flame-throwers are comparatively short ranged, but have a high fire rate.

User Posted Image

The Harkonnen Missle Tank

Fluffy-Opossum has also modeled the Harkonnen Missle Tank. The Missile Tank is lightly armored by Harkonnen standards and stands off from the main fighting. It has very long-ranged guided rockets, which it fires in salvoes of eight. It then takes a long time to reload and retrain the firing tubes. Due to the weight of the rockets, the vehicle is quite slow despite its light armor.

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

The Carryall

LR01 has been busy making our Carryall. The Carryall transports the Harvister from the Refinary to the Spice.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The Sand Worm Logic

As everyone knows the Sand Worm is one of the key features of the game. Seeing as it is on the front of Emperor: Battle for Dune and in most art of the game and the maker of Spice. This week we are going to go over how it will work and what it does. The Worm will be set up with a random spawn script, meaning that it will pop up out of the sand at random points. If you are caught in the Sand Worm as it spawns you and your vehicle (if in one) will be "eaten" and you will spawn back at your base. It can also just go along the sand a eat anything in its way. We will most likely add a priority script to it, so it will target slower vehicles.

The Guild MakerBullet has made us the Guild's Maker. Makers are the Guild's infantry. They are second stage navigators equipped with a power weapon, which allows them to inflict heavy damage. This ability makes up for their poor maneuverability as they cannot move into infantry rock, and turn laboriously. Makers, for reasons unknown, are rarely if ever a target for Sandworms, Scientists have guessed that it may be due to their Spice mutation, but have no solid proof of that fact.User Posted Image

Site NewsOur front page has been done for sometime but our forums have been lacking a proper skin. FWwhit3 is current making us three new forum skins. One for House Atreides, one for House Harkonnen and one for House Ordos. More on these skins will be shown next week.

The End

Well another week has passed and another blog has come. Till next time!

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