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Whoah, 40 blogs. Thats a lot. It is also my girlfriend's birthday today. Happy birthday Shannon, I love you so much >>Click for Video

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Whoah, 40 blogs. Thats a lot. It is also my girlfriend's birthday today. Happy birthday Shannon, I love you so much <3 To commemorate these momentus events I have prepared some cool stuff for you to see and watch :c00l:

Grizzly Tank

cfehunter has valiantly been unwrapping and texturing the Grizzly Tank. Here are the results of two days of almost solid work. He stayed up all last night to get the texture finished so big big props to him. I think it has turned out really well and it is cfehunter's best texture so far :) Of course with APB doing camo variants we may as well follow suit so we have included four camo variants :c00l:

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Ore Extractor Drill

dtrngd has been busy at work animating the ore extractor drill that will feature on most maps. The animation has been tweaked to a fine art and the sound fits perfectly (although more sound will be added later and timing for the drilling interval will probably be shortened). Take a look below. When I first saw this video I really couldn't believe how atmospheric the sounds made it. Check it out.

GI (Subject to Change) and Sandbags

Here is something that I have been keeping back for a while. From the Verge of Armageddon Assets, we have the GI. The GI is the basic infantry for the Allied Faction, he starts off with a Machine Pistol/SMG weapon which is not as good as the Soviet Conscript's PPSH. However, at the push of a button the GI deploys into some sandbags. He is immobile at this point but he is able to use a much more powerful weapon that has a greater range and pwer than the PPSH. This makes the GI deadly as they can fortify positions particularly well. Although the GI deploys, we are unsure whether we should allow a little bit of movement so that the GI is never totally stationary. Here is the model of the GI ( by the VoA team) and the sandbags (by our very own rm5248).

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

User Posted Image

Bluehell Group

There are only five more days to audition for Operation L.E.G.O! Audition here now or else you will miss out on this great opportunity!

Team Notices

I'm off to get my haircut today D: Also I completed rigging the Soviet Starshina for APB. Only the medic to finish off now :) I also joined the Taco Empire Clan :D

cfehunter has decided that overnight texturing may not be a good thing healthwise. :sweatdrop:

Ric suffered a PC meltdown but it has now been stabilised.

danpaul88 is helping APB by getting the tech scanner ready for use.

Eggman891 is rigging up rocket launchers like nobody's buisness.

dtrngd is away til Friday.

NeptuneUK hs joined us to compose som songs for use in AR. Expect some awesome tracks being played on our maps from the mastermind behind Hell March 3 and Act On Instinct 2.

Nameme99 is juggling APB rigging as well as managing the Scud Storm mod.

drunkill is going to try out some texturing for us, starting with the Ore Extractor Drilll.

Poggel is working on the Tesla Trooper's gun. It's looking great so far.

Chevy787 is unwrapping the IFV ready for texturing.

Soviet_Deso is texturing up the Chrono Miner for us. We should have a lot of stuff textured by the end of the holidays ready for testing. We need infantry though, I may have to resort to mishmashing what we have to make new infantry or even borrowing some of the APB infantry for placeholders. D:

We are done

Same time next week ;)

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