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Pretty big! Get ready for a long read =P Welcome all to this special blog! This blog is truly special because this mod was started around about one year ago. I had a mod before Apocalypse Rising though. It was a Renegade 2-based modification called 'C&C Untold'. We were shunned by the community

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Pretty big! Get ready for a long read =P

Welcome all to this special blog! This blog is truly special because this mod was started around about one year ago. I had a mod before Apocalypse Rising though. It was a Renegade 2-based modification called 'C&C Untold'. We were shunned by the community wherever we went. My lacking knowledge of the internet apparent by using texting language and abbreviations a lot. Our grasp of the stroy wasn't too briliant either. So we closed it down due to the lack of support, rest assured though, I still have some of the assets for it somewhere....

I was in High School, thinking about how awesome 'A Path Beyond' and 'Reborn' were looking, only to feel that something was missing. Like an unfinished painting, an ice cream sundae without the cherry or a missing third piece of the triforce. Red alert had been done, Tiberian Sun had been done. Red alert 2 had been attempted many times with each attempt failing miserably. Me and cfehunter decided to act on this.

Now for the mod name. I had the word 'Apocalypse' firmly stuck in my mind but it sounded quite empty as just one word. Red alert 2: Apocalypse. I thought long and hard about what word could accompany this. I saw the mod 'Rise of the Reds' and thought "Don't the Reds rise again in RA2?" I tried it out with 'Apocalypse' and put the word 'rise' in the present tense so it was then 'rising'. It worked well. You could say the mod really started then. Me and cfehunter started up a forum and I began to model. Retrocide also joined and taught me how to make models properly, thanks for that man. He left the mod after it crumbled.

One of my first models was a combination of loads of differant ones stuck together with a few boxes. I gradually replaced the stolen bits with my own and it finished looking like this.

User Posted Image

The Scorpion Hunter by One Winged Angel

Soon after the first forums were setup we started looking around for dead fps RA2 mods to get a headstart on the mod at hand. I saw the mod 'Renegade Revived', the mod leader none other than Reborn member, [NE]Fobby[GEN]. I obtained assets from that mod and then went on the search again. The main bulk of our assets came from the BFV mod, Verge of Armageddon. Svensmokavich and Skierarc were happy to give us the assets from their dead creation.

We stopped chasing assets at that point and focused on development. But later, other assets came from the inactive mod RA2: Hell March for BF2. Big thanks to Skulking Ferrit for that. Finally on assets, we make our way back to the Renegade community. RA2: Vengeance. I am still chasing Red alert 2: Vengeance assets but what was donated we have put to good use. The PPSH, the Old V3 model, the Demo Truck and various other models. Big thanks to Renardin, Spice and Permagrin for all of that stuff.

The stage was set, we had just setup our Moddb page and everything was going well. We needed team members though. Paradox joined us willingly to lend a hand in the early stages and Nameme joined soon after with his knowledge of mapping at hand. Nameme blew us away with his island attack map for Renegade that was really fun to play. We were at Equinox Games, hosted by Xenon Wolf at the time. It was a mess sometimes as hosting was down, but other times were OK. We moved to Blazemods where Xenon Wolf somehow IP banned himself :S Big thanks to Blazedragoon who hosted us all through the summer ^_^. Soon after, we put out some PR recruitement on the various Renegade forums in an attempt to get members. I got emails from Merovingian and another guy called TTAdvancer (who kinda dissapeared). To this day Merovingian has been one of our single most important team members. Thanks for staying with us man, we love you.
Soon after, unwrapper Chevy787 joined us and has been a great help with ideas as well as unwrapping. Another guy, Blckhnd12, also joined us and modelled us an AK47, but he left the team soon after because he didn't have enough time for the mod.

Then came the driving force of this mod.


His mouse moves at the speed of light and he is one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with. Ric, I take my hat off to you my friend.

Danpaul came and hung around our forums a lot, we were looking for a coder and when he announced himself as being one, we gave him a place ont he team. He has been creating magical wonders with his scripts ever since. BogdanV also arrived around the same time. He was and still is, making a Renegade2 mod. We merged the two mods and he works alongside us. Some of his engine experiments are pretty radical to say the least. ReneCranes anyone?
After Danpaul88 and BogdanV, came Mathk1ll, he did us a few textures but was then lured into the deathtrap that is Runescape. ionkill43 also joined and has done a few textures for us. He is a nice guy as well. A few more names that were relevant are Mythdragon and Guywithawrench, both were on the team at differant times but were then dropped from the hiring procedure for differant reasons.

And we can't forget the testers! Phoenixx has been here since the beginning of AR time and has been a valuable friend as well as a valuable tester. Also, Spetznaz, one of our testers, now a tester/military advisor, has been here for a considerable amount of time too. Nameme introduced us to him and he has been here ever since. And we can't forget Mighty BOB! He has supported us for as long as I can remember. Pies, I mean, Kudos to you BOB. In the latter half of our times on blazemods, I recruited Tankmaster as a beta tester because of his work on an Unreal Tournament mod, RA2: Armageddon. He will be the guy to eventually do our installer when we get the mod released. Expect a nice suprise.

We moved to C&C Source in october. Thats where we got serious about making this mod. Soviet_Deso and Assassin joined us and Soviet_Deso has done wonders with our Apocalypse Tank as you have all seen in previous updates. I saw AxelSnog on deviantart and offered him a job. He accepted an our Colt 45 was textured. Thanks to him for helping us out.

I'd also like to thank IHM for being such a good guy, setting up our FTP and helping us test, whilst giving valuable input. Cheers mate ;)

Very recently, Spice unofficially joined us and has done some modelling and some rigging work, we are all very grateful for his contributions as we all know how busy he is with Reborn. Spice is also another one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with.

We got a whole host of new members just recently. Coolrock and Bluesummers as testers. We love you both <3 Also two very skilled individuals, rm5248 and Urimas. They have both already produced some killer work.

That about sums up the history of the mod so far.

Now into the real information. The updates!

Merovingian has posted a 2 hour 30 minute long video of constructing the Soviet War Factory Internals. This way you can see what does into the making of our models. The internals seem to be layed out quite nicely. So check it out.

Keeping on with the Soviet War Factory, Ric has continued his textures for it. check out these results below.
User Posted Image

Now comes another special feature.
An interview between myself and Coolrock about Apocalypse Rising! Here it is!

Coolrock: Let's talk about the mod itself first - how's it going?

One Winged Angel: The mod is running very smoothly at the moment, we just recruited two new faces, Urimas and rm5248. Urimas works on weapons rigging and animations and his work so far has just been brilliant. rm5248 is a low poly model artist who can make anything out of nothing very quickly, with great results. A few of the new weapons are being built and unwraped by him.

Coolrock: Sounds good. Would you mind tell us what your job at Apocalypse Rising is?

One Winged Angel: Well, my job at AR is primarily Team Leading, PR and 3d Work. But I have also branched out into the realms of voice acting, sound editing and level edit tweaking.

Coolrock: From what I've seen, you do an excellent job!

One Winged Angel: Thankyou ^_^

Coolrock: So, would you like to give us a brief list of units we'll be seeing in Apocalypse Rising?

One Winged Angel: In the first release or the final product?

Coolrock: First release.

One Winged Angel: Well, in the first release you will see everything Land and Air based that you get in RA2 when you build a Radar. This means V3 Rocket Launchers, Terror Drones, IFVs, Harriers, Telsa Troopers, Rocketeers and much more. We aim to keep the first release fairly simple so we can get it out to the fans as soon as possible.

Coolrock: I see the Terror Drone there, how will this unit work?

One Winged Angel: Well, there will be a special room inside the Soviet Radar with special terminals. If you access one of these terminals, a sum of credits are taken away and your camera zooms to the War Factory where your terror drone is built. From there you can control the drone across the battlefield. If you exit the drone, you will take control of your character back at the Radar. Your Drone will be left motionless on the battlefield. Now to attacking. You speed over to your target and fire upon it, this will allow you to get inside the target and rip it apart. The target will start to rock as the terror drone slowly destroys it. The Allies can counter this with a repair IFV, so always keep one handy to combat these deadly threats.

Coolrock: Amazing, what about the IFV? Is this unit really possible?

One Winged Angel: It is! If you are an aspiring repairman and want to show off to the lads, buy an IFV and the turret will magically change to a repair arm upon entry or upon the touch of a key. They'll definitely be envious of your new power to repair tanks.

Coolrock: Very nice. Naval units, will we see any in the first release?

One Winged Angel: Sadly you won't be seeing any naval units in the first release, but that will all be sorted out by the second release so just hang tight

Coolrock: Glad to hear it!

Coolrock: Paratroopers, how will they work? Will we see them in the first release?

One Winged Angel: You won't be seeing the American Paratroopers in the fisrt release because countries and such are coming in Release 2. There may be the possibility of a tech Airport on one of the maps which you can capture and paradrop from. With paradrops, you have to go to the Tech Airport/American AFCHQ and access a special terminal or stand in a special zone. This will queue your character up for the next paradrop. During the queueup time, it will alert other allied players that a paradrop is commencing. They can then join the paradrop. When the join time has expired all the paratroopers will be dropped from the back of a plane an will parachute to the ground. In the first release it will be random placement but in future releases you will get to chooose where to deploy your paradrop.

Coolrock: Can any unit use the Paradrop, or must they be a GI/Conscript?

One Winged Angel: That is to be decided. It would be pretty unfair on the Soviets if a Tanya/Navy Seal were to drop in the back of their base. We'll see how it goes though.

Coolrock: Now, I saw you mention that we can capture a Tech Airport. Does this mean the Engineer can capture buildings? I've never seen this be done before and thought it was impossible.

One Winged Angel: Well he'll certainly be able to capture tech structures. Whether or not he'll be able to capture enemy base structures is yet to be tested and decided upon.

Coolrock: Nice, can't wait to see it. Will the Attack Dog be put into Apocalypse Rising?

One Winged Angel: Yes it will, whether you will see them in the first release or not is yet to be decided.

Coolrock: Navy Seal/Tanya, will they be allowed to swim in later releases once they're put into Apocalypse Rising?

One Winged Angel: Yeah they will, we'll need to make new animations for swimming but you'll see them in the water soon enough

Coolrock: How will the Mirage Tank work in Apocalypse Rising? Will it be allowed to turn into a tree and hide from the Soviets? Can it fire and still remain hidden?

One Winged Angel: The mirage tank, when moving, is uncloaked. When it is stationary it turns into a tree. When you fire your tank can be seen for a short period of time before turning back into a tree again. I can't wait to ambush the soviets with a whole forest of mirage tanks

Coolrock: Sounds exciting.

Coolrock: Moving on from Infantry/Vehicles, how many maps will be released with the first release of Apocalypse Rising?

One Winged Angel: Well we currently have around 2-3 maps in development, although that figure is likely to increase. Our most exiting map so far is the map 'Isle of War'. This is a straight port of the classic RA2 Map and it is shaping up to be a very exiting map indeed. Big kudos to Ric for that one.

Coolrock: Veterancy system, how will this work?

One Winged Angel: Well this is quite simple. The more damage you do to the enemy, the quicker you get promoted. Hop into a vehicle and that gets promoted you your current infantry promotion. The one thing you can't do is buy a new infantry character whilst promoted and retain your promotion.

Coolrock: Very impressive.

One Winged Angel:We have Danpaul88 to thank for that coding wizardry.

Coolrock: Sounds like he does an excellent job.

Coolrock: How long does the team think it will take to get the first release out the door?

One Winged Angel: Well, taking everything into account I think a December release is our earliest estimate. We are currently aiming for this.

Coolrock: Sounds good.

Coolrock: Alright, I think we've got a ton of details about Apocalypse Rising now. Is there anything more you want to add?

One Winged Angel: Well, we all appretiate your input to the mod, so if anyone had any further questions, ideas or anything else to ask. Just stop by at the forums.

Coolrock: Well then that about finshes this interview off! Thanks for all the cool information, and good luck with the release of Apocalypse Rising!

One Winged Angel: Thankyou. We shan't let you down!

Talking about Apocalypses. Check this out.
User Posted Image

Courtesy of Nameme! Spice is currently rigging a more permanent version.

We now have some new videos from Urimas. Firstly, it's a copy of APB and every other current Renegade mod (apart from Reborn)!!! Dual Colts anyone?

And also our beautiful AT4 Rocket Launcher!
User Posted Image
Model by Svensmokavich, the texture was by the guy that textured it until he was so fed up, he left modding for good(can't remember his name).

And here is the Reload animation by Urimas!

Remember we announced sometime a while ago that the Tesla Trooper was coming? Well, we haven't got him textured yet, but I think it's time we showed him to you along with another one of our infantry models.
User Posted Image

That about wraps it up for this week's special blog. Thankyou to all of the contributers that have helped this mod become what it is now :) The blog may be updated later this week, but we'll see.

cfehunter is now back too, very important news because he is now going to be knocking out textures and unwraps fast enough to even keep you, our fanbase, in awe.

Next week we have even more stuff for you to gawp at. See you all then ;)

One Winged Angel

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