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More or less what is planned for next months patch

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Welsome to this months blog. On the 22nd of August the SCUD Storm patch will go live.
The patch will feature many bug fixes and balancing.
Gattling 50% damage reduction and 25% reduced range.
Patriot missiles damage reduction by 50% and 25% reduced range.
All defences rate of fire decreased.
Building health increased 100% overall, exept for Gattling and Patriot base defences, which wil be reduced by 30%.
Rapair bay health decrease.

Red Guard rate of fire incresed by 50% with 5 shells per clip.
Ranger bullet clip size decrease.
Pathfinder speed increased.
Pathfinder bullets per clip size increased.
Tank hunter and missile defender's explosive power decreased.
All generals given more purpose.. C4's most likley.
All generals weapons decreased in power.

Overlord Tank, Nuke cannon, Nuke overlord tank all given a damage reduction.
Humm-Vee, Aurora bomer, Paladin Tank, Raptor and Mig all given a damage reduction.

Flags can be used more then once.
Supply truck and chinook dump size greatly decreased to thei native generals limits.
Some weird tree fixes, stopping you from entering them.
Possibly some server-sided mods.


Excellent ^^

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Very Nice :D

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