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A new balance test is coming for Reborn and about future patches

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Hey everyone, it's been awhile since we last put a blog.. So we thought
it's about time we did so. It's been a few months since I wrote a
blog, but here we go!


We've been working on a new patch to fix a fair amount of bugs and so on, not to mention the odd balance change.

Here's the change log:

# Version 1.0.3

  • Reduced maximum number of hijackers to 2
  • Added a small amount of inaccuracy to the Artillery
  • 10% more firepower for the Titan to help compensate for the aiming difficulty when walking
  • Slightly decreased infantry weapon damage to Jumpjets (~10%)
  • Reduced MRV effectiveness on Buildings by 40%
  • Increase MRV effectiveness on support buildings (silos) and defences by ~700%
  • New Confessor plasma projectile and infantry burn effect
  • Tweaked Mammoth MkII physics to make it drive a bit better, especially on slopes
  • Mammoth MkII is now delivered by an Orca Carryall
  • Fixed a variety of map terrain bugs such as stuck locations, ugly seams and holes
  • Fixed B2B on a few maps
  • Temporarily removed Artillery from TS_Field due to huge imbalance

Expect to see this patch released within the next few days!

Future Patches

We plan to start releasing patches a lot more frequently, we had hoped
to get this one out much sooner but the Mammoth held us up. From now
on we are aiming to get small patches out with 3-5 balance changes or
maybe a few more depending on how small they are, every week. This way
we can see how well they work on a more controlled level.

We're also planning to introduce a map or two for the next patch which
should be with you next week, wait a see which one(s) it will be!

Kane's dead?

That's it for another TS:R blog, be sure to keep following us here, over on Facebook and IndieDB!


No more artillery on TS_Field. Woo!

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I'd glad these changes have been made. Personally for the next patch I would suggest more buffs for GDI, but thanks for the prompt and continuous polishing of this fun mod.

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