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Blog 167 is here! In this week's blog we have the Soviet walls, Conscript and some nice Soviet carpet!

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Soviet Walls

Occult has been texturing the Soviet Walls, using some of TheBeerinator's textures to keep continuity in the visuals. These walls will be appearing ingame soon!

User Posted Image

Soviet Conscript

One_Winged_Angel has just about completed the basic shape of the conscript's head and will be moving in to polish it up sometimes this weekend. He's looking pretty mean now, with plenty of bits left to do.

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

New Menu Strings

When One_Winged_Angel is not working on the conscript, He likes to work on the string tables. This week, he's been working on better menu text for the options menu. He finds these new strings a lot more descriptive than the old renegade ones.

Just take a look, it's pretty self-explanatory.

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Also, here's a nice picture of the carpet that every Soviet wants to own.
User Posted Image

ModDB Voting

Voting continues as ModDB aim to find winners for the Mod Of The Year awards. There is only around a week of voting left, and every vote counts!

•First, login at ModDB and view the Top 100 Released & Top 100 Unreleased
User Posted Image

•1. Click on the game headers to view the projects in that category. Apocalypse Rising is unreleased Indie, A Path Beyond is released Indie. AR is listed near the bottom of the page, here; APB is listed third in its category is farther down the page.

•2. Click to vote for the project you've selected and let it save your vote (this could take a second or two). "Vote!" will become "Voted!" and you've done your part.

User Posted Image

Thanks to everyone who's voted so far! Let's hope we can win something to bring back to the community with us.


We are looking for extra staff members to join our ranks! What we are looking for in a 2d artist, is someone who:

  • is enthusiastic about working with the BHP Apocalypse Rising Team.
  • has spare time.
  • will be active in the foreseeable future (a.k.a we don't want you running off).
  • is competent at creating their own 2d textures.
  • is over the age of 16 (we overlook this if you are what we assess to be a mature individual. This rule is known as the TruYuri rule).

PM One_Winged_Angel with your application stating why you would like to join the team along with any past experience. Please provide example textures, if you have any.

For the full blog, click here!

Black_Hand - - 102 comments

the soviet conscript looks like a pig :))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

Everybody that uses a gas mask (???) looks like a pig, like the capitalists =P

-unknown soviet commander that wrote this message to you-

He said that you are doing a awesome job too =)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
symbolzzzz - - 282 comments

The first scree on the con made me think of apes his head is kinda flat and too forrward compared to the soldiers.
And nice job.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CrymsonWildcat - - 86 comments

I can't wait for this bloody mod to come out! Must. Play... SO BADLY! Dx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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