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Blog 165 is here! In this week's blog we have a cool chronoshift effect and the Allied Bereta.

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Occult has been working on ingame effects for chronoshifting objects. These will be used for things like the Chrono Miner and Chrono Legionnaire. We've strayed away from duplicating the RA2 effects to the book and used some artistic licence to create a far more spectacular effect, seeing as the RA2 effects seemed a bit lacklustre.

Occult has gone and created something really special here, as you can see below.

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Chronoshifting in 3...2...1...

Allied Beretta

Guy with a wrench has been texturing the Allied Beretta; the main side arm of the Allied Forces. Engineers and Technicians will be armed with this as a measure to ensure that they are able to defend themselves from ranged attacks.

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Moddb Mod of the Year 2009 Awards

Just like in previous years, Bluehell Productions would like to ask for your help at the 2009 MOTY at ModDb. As drunkill explained in his news post on the issue, nominations are now open for mod and indie-game candidates. Until January 7th, you can nominate as many projects as you'd like. Then, nomations will close and the Top 100 Mods and Top 100 Indie Games will be presented for the MOTY voting phase.

Nominate us for Mod Of The Year 2009
(click images to go to respective moddb profiles)
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We would also like to suggest nominating other strong C&C related projects, to let the world know we're still alive and kicking. C&C projects have always had a strong showing in this. My pick of the rest would have to be Renegade X, just for the sheer amount of work they've put in to recreate Renegade on the Unreal Engine. The feeling of nostalgia is something incredible and Fobby & crew are a good bunch of guys. So if you stop by their moddb page, you may as well give them a vote.

Please note again that the mods and indie games are handled in their own categories, so there are no reasons to hold back voting for other C&C mods just because you want to have a strong vote for APB and AR.


We are looking for extra staff members to join our ranks! What we are looking for in a 2d artist, is someone who:

  • is enthusiastic about working with the BHP Apocalypse Rising Team.
  • has spare time.
  • will be active in the foreseeable future (a.k.a we don't want you running off).
  • is competent at creating their own 2d textures.
  • is over the age of 16 (we overlook this if you are what we assess to be a mature individual. This rule is known as the TruYuri rule).

PM One_Winged_Angel with your application stating why you would like to join the team along with any past experience. Please provide example textures, if you have any.

Check out the main blog here.

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mmmmm... oh i thought this had to do with me :P

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Could images section be updated, please? :-)

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