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Battle for Dune: War of Assassin blog 117 contains a small update about our recent port over to Scripts 4.0.

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Hello and this is blog 117, this is a small preblog before we show off what we have been working on recently (sorry about the 3 month silence)!

Porting over to Scripts 4.0

We have finally jumped on the wagon and ported over to scripts 4.0. We are still working out a few things but this is a big jump. Moving over has opened a lot for us, it has fixed a lot of bugs such as blue helling when vehicle ramming. It has also ment that we can more easily implement current features and have other features we wanted and now can almost have 100% how we intended them to be.

What's Effected?

The first thing we encountered was that the Harvester Carryal script works a lot better now, but we have run into a few issues with it on some maps. It has allowed us to have a properly working Claymore script with script zones. It also made us take another look at our infantry deploy script and redo it completely.

Scripts 4.0 also includes an auto map downloader. Meaning we can release small fixes on maps and new content to you without having to download anything seperate. Building capture logic works a lot better as well now, so when we add Sub House buildings and units in things will run smoothly due to the new sidebar.

A working version of SSGM which adds support for descent working bots instead of 2 half working bots. A donating command instead of having to go to the fds and use the donate command.

And, more stable clients with a lot less random crashing. So overall a much more stable game with a lot more new features and a better netcode!


Battle for Dune is looking for texture artists, unwrappers, riggers and infantry modellers. If you are interested then please either PM me(TeamWolf) here on Moddb, our site saying why you would like to join the team and some recent work or apply in our recruitment section here.

Another Goodbye

That's it for this update, we'll try and get them out more often. Be sure to keep following us here, on Site and on Facebook!

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