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We need story writers and staff!Also we are making modification.Before we start making modification we are making some storyes and desing! But we are now trying to make a story!And also members of mod db,you can help us.If you want.Or give us some desing!But only if you want to help!

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We are soon make HL 1 modification!We need story and some desings!Also we need staff!We will try to make simple but in one way not to simple!
Also members of UGC will make some storyes!If somebody from outside of UGC have better story then us then he can join and some of our members will teach him about how to work models of skins for HL 1.Or you can be our voice actor!If you want to be a voice actor then atleast must have a good voice and speak english.And we are recruiting future members!We need animators,modelers,mappers,
voice actors,coders,scripters,programmers and lot of other things!
We need staff.If there is some member who dont have anything to do then please join to do group!
We currently searching members who can work on GoldSource or Source engine.
Our moto of our group is "We will try to make best mod".
But we need staff.And we will try to work at maximum.That means if we have free time to work on modification!For now we need members who can work on Goldsource or Source engine.
Also we need female voices for future modifications.We will invite some male and female members.If they accept then are like our friends.if they dont then are only our allies!So we need staff and if you want to join then go to group and Search United Gaming Community.And if you are from some balkan state or country then you can join to Balkan group.And we need 2 male and female desingers.
Because if mix male and females pictures and opinisons that we can make great modification.
And if you want to translate to French or Spanish language then please talk with Lingua Univesalis group!They are translating some modification and maybe some games!P.S.I want to all mod db members Happy new year!Also iam going to eat Hot pizza!

P.S.This news i wrong saved on Balkan group and i now deleted.This news is for United Gaming Group!
And we have anthem!

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