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Blocking and dodging is something the whole team has wanted to do but its harder then we first thought

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The image is actually misleading as there it looks fine, basically how the dodge and block mechanics were meant to work was if the player right clicked as the enemy attacking he would either dodge or block mattering how it was timed (so clicking a split second before the attack would dodge where as doing it a longer time before would just block which when hit you would still lose health just not as much) the downside we have found is if you mash the right click you can never be hurt as you will dodge every single attack (apart from the many times it doesn't register at all and you end up just getting hit even though you timed it fine), this can be fixed with say a stamina meter so you cant dodge or block to often, the other downside is the random animation which plays, sometimes it looks sweet like the screenshot we posted here, but sometimes it messes up when the enemy would do a straight stab and the player would block up, which still looks like he's being stabbed, so back to the drawing board with how we are going to use the animations.Once again you also get to see our awful looking town, we plan to get unity pro soon enough so we can get some better shadowing effects

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